Advantages of buying a new home vs old home
Advantages of buying a new home vs old home

Advantages of buying a new home vs old home

When deciding on buying a House will surely you will be faced with a number of options: determine the ideal location, facilities on offer, infrastructure support in the surrounding location, to the option to buy an old or new home. Well, between the an old and new houses, each have a plus-minus value. Let’s just say the old home. Usually located in a strategic area with a fairly complete infrastructures around the residence. The minus? Usually the building is old and outdated designs! Here are seven reasons why many home buyers prefer to buy a new home to live in, the advantages of buying a new home vs old home.

Advantages of buying a new home vs old home

  • Design your dream home according to your style.

Why should be satisfied with the choice of others when you can own a House with a design based on your own taste that you can select in the new housing? Even some housing project now also offers several design options on the unit offers. So You can customize it by selecting cabinets, tables, furniture, and carpets to suit your taste. Remember, your new home should reflect your style, not someone else.

  • Everything is new and still under warranty.

If you buy an old home that full furnished, quality of furniture usually tend to be less good so it may have to be replaced soon. Instead of a new home – and also its furniture – certainly is the latest output and still under warranty. You don’t like to throw budget more to replace the roof, furniture, table, or a water heater in the old home, right?! And if you ‘ must ‘ buy an old House to be safe, take advantage of the services of a professional agent.

  • Save energy and costs.

New homes these days are far more energy-efficient than homes built five years ago. Especially if compared to homes built ten or 20 years ago. So don’t be satisfied if there is only air entering through the window of one panel because now a lot of new homes with double panel, even up to three panels. A custom panel window with a layer between the glass in the new home would have been friendly to climate change so that saves more energy and also your money.

  • Comfort and quality of indoor air.

Now most new homes are built with strict standards. For example combines energy efficiency with a taste of art on ventilation and air filtration. As a result, comfort and quality of indoor air.

  • Low maintenance.

Now new cars are designed with computers. That is causing the performance much more reliably than a car that was 15 or 20 years. So any home. New homes now have an open space and high ceilings that reflect the way we live today. In addition to lower care and maintenance.

  • The comfort of a complex.

Many of the new residential building activity centers for its occupants with a resort-style, there is also a swimming pool, clubhouse. There is even a new residential complex also has a jogging track, open park, and the best part of school or shopping center near (or even inside) your new home complex.

  • Security.

The material and design of the building are designed as safe as possible. Some housing project even though the building is able to minimize the impact of fires, floods, even an earthquake. In addition, of course supporting factor for the security of the environment such as security guards or access card.

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