How to get rid of bed bugs
How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

7 Tips – How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are small insects that live to suck blood. Generally, these animals hide in bed, go out at night and bite and suck a person’s blood while sleeping.

Its small form makes the presence of bed bugs often unnoticed. When a person is bitten by bed bugs, redness of the skin will appear accompanied by itching or burning. In a person who has just been bitten by bed bugs, it is usually not immediately felt. And it took days for the itch to appear.

Although small, the presence of bed bugs can still be detected in bed. It can be known when there are traces of blood on the bed, black stains from the dirt of bed bugs, musty smell.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Cleaning with Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house and furniture with a vacuum cleaner can be a way of dealing with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are usually rare in properly maintained objects. The animal is often in dirty, damp, and rarely cleaned objects. Its small shape also makes it difficult to clean by regular swept.

Therefore, use a vacuum cleaner to clean sofas, carpets, and mattresses. The tool has more ability to suck invisible dirt, so the chances of bed bugs to be sucked are also higher.

Moreover, the dry season encourages the rapid growth of bed bugs. Therefore, increase the frequency of your cleaning in the dry season.

Diligently Cleaning The House

Often sounds boring, cleaning the house regularly is the key so that this animal does not feel at home. Take advantage of a vacuum cleaner to clean your home and existing furniture. This tool has the advantage of sucking dirt that is invisible to the eye, including bed bugs.

The animal is very comfortable on the surface of dirty, damp, and rarely cleaned objects. Due to its small shape, it will be very difficult to eradicate this animal if it only sweeps the house as usual. For information, the growth of bed bugs is increasing rapidly entering the dry season so there is no harm in increasing the frequency of cleaning your home.

Drying Mattress

Simple but quite influential thing on the cleanliness of the mattress is to dry it. Dry mattresses, pillows, bolsters and blankets in direct sunlight. Before drying, it is best to move the items in the room so that the dust and mites do not spread elsewhere during the drying process.

Wash with Hot Water

Mix hot water with anti-bacterial soap, then clean the mattress, pillow and bolster. Dry in direct sunlight.

Wash Bed Cover Appropriately

Already cleaned the house, do not forget to also pay attention to the cleanliness of the blanket. Change and wash the bed cover at least once a month. Assuming a thick blanket is clean, does not close the possibility, you know, there are bed bugs attached to the surface.

If you usually wash with cold water, change the habit of washing the bed cover using hot water. This is because hot water will be really potent to kill such insects. Dry it by putting it in direct sunlight to make it completely clean.


You can use an electric kettle, then add a small hose and steam it along the seams of the mattress. Also clean it between the mattress and the bed. Try all angles to get hot steam.

Mixture of Kerosene and Camphor

Who says there are no natural ingredients that can be used. You can rely on kerosene and camphor to make your home, especially beds, free of these annoying insects.

Simply mix both ingredients, then put them in an atomizer bottle. Once mixed, spray all over the place if it becomes a nest of bed bugs such as mattresses, sofas, carpets, and so on. In addition to the ingredients that are easy to get, this way is also proven to be effective.

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