What is the best way to grow orchids
What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids

What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids? 5 Growing and Care Tips

What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids interesting to follow. It is inseparable from the shape of the orchid that does have an interesting shape and beautiful enough to be used as an ornamental plant. The wrong way to plant orchid flower will be very risky to cause the death of the orchid plant.

The type of orchid flower itself is the type of flower that has the most of the type when compared with other types of flowers. In fact, there are more than about 26 thousand species of orchids that are scattered in the wet tropical area in the Circumpolar region.

Orchid Flower itself is known because it has a selling price that is arguably not cheap, hence the way of planting orchids should be meticulously and correctly. However, if doing the right way of planting orchids, it can give beautiful results in the later days.

Then what is the detail of how to plant the orchid? Below Homekitchenmagazine.com have summarized the information on What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids?

What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids?

Prepare seeds for orchid flowers

The first way to plant the orchid flower is to prepare the seeds first. There are two ways of breeding that can be done on orchids, namely vegetative and generative seedlings.

The vegetative breeding itself that needs to be done is to prepare the pot as the container. Then, for the breeding you can do the separation or the breakdown of its parent that already have some sort of shoots. Then, the shoots that are made to seed must have a lot of roots and stronger.

Next, the generative way, which is done by seeding the seeds of orchid crops. Next, you should adjust the environmental conditions, both in terms of temperature and humidity. Because, if the environmental condition does not accord with the seedlings can make the orchid plants do not germinate healthily.

Prepare the planting media

After the seedlings are ready, then the next way is to prepare the best planting media so that the orchid plants can grow to the fullest. You simply prepare a plant pot with a medium size. Then, you prepare the planting media in the form of a mixture of soil, manure that has been fermented, charcoal black, dry coconut skin, coconut fibers, as well as small fragments of red bricks or roof tiles.

To mix the whole ingredient, you have to put a fraction of the bricks on the bottom of the pot, followed by the top by placing the coconut shells evenly. After that, place the coconut fibers and at the last stage enter the soil that has been mixed with the manure at the very top of the mixture.

How to grow orchid in pot

What is the best way to grow orchids in pot

Steps to planting orchid flowers in a pot:

  • Choose a superior flower and free from disease and pests.
  • Take the seeds when the plant is old, when the leaves are many and the roots are brown.
  • Prepare the pot to plant the orchid flowers. It is advisable to use a pot made of clay and the pot has small holes with a diameter of about 2 cm (to help circulation and facilitate aeration and drainage).
  • Fill the pot with planting media. The planting of orchid flowers can be made from a mixture of several planting media, such as fragments of bricks or tiles, fern rods, shavings or pieces of wood, coconut husk, and wood charcoal.
  • Add organic fertilizer. If it has been large, move it to a larger pot
  • Add a buffer made of wire if the orchids are moved to a larger pot

How to transfer orchids in pot

Most of the orchids purchased in the store are packaged in cheap plastic pots with roots packed in the wet sphagnum moss.

This is a problem because orchid plants need airflow to avoid root decay.

Here are some tips on How to transfer orchids in pots that can you try:

  • Do not move when the plant is flowering. If it is blooming, cut the dead flowers off and move the orchids to a new pot.
  • When the orchids come out of the pot, the roots trace the sides of the pots, or the medium of the plants is reduced to crumbs, it’s time to move to a new pot.
  • Position the orchids very well in the pot so that you can take the plants with their leaves, without needing to shake their roots.
  • Hold the crop perpendicular to the new pot, and fill with the new pot medium, gently round, about 2.5 cm from the top of the pot. Water well to keep plants steady.
  • When moving to a new pot, check the roots and cut the blackened, perforated, or damaged roots.

How to properly take care of orchids?

After knowing What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids, Then, you must know How to properly take care of orchids.

The most important maintenance process is the procedure of watering. In general, orchid flowers are fond of humid environmental conditions. However, you do not directly flush the water towards the flower, because it may cause damage to the flower buds, and the flowers are hard to bloom.

If the air is felt too dry and orchids need direct watering, then it is good to spray the orchids with the method of spraying, namely with the help of a spray tool. The watering is done on the trunk, leaves, and flowers.

And if you want orchid flowers to be more durable and spared from a variety of diseases and pests, then you can get a variety of different types of bactericidal or fungicide liquids that are easily found on the market. Where the liquid is very effective to kill various fungi and bacteria cause rot in the orchid flower.

Well, so What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids above you think? Quite easy to follow, right. 

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Thank you very much for reading What Is The Best Way To Grow Orchids, and How to properly take care of orchids? So, do not be afraid to plant orchid flowers, as long as you follow, the best way to grow orchids will be spared from a wide range of losses. Happy to try and good luck planting orchids.

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