Causes of cockroaches to appear in the house
Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House

7 Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House

The Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House – Brownish in color, having many legs and being able to fly are the characteristics of cockroaches animals. Many people are reluctant to deal with this one animal. Because, this animal is synonymous with germs, diseases and dirty places.

When it has entered the house, this animal often makes a person amused and afraid to drive it away. In fact, there are several reasons cockroaches can enter the house. Here are the causes of cockroaches entering the house.

The Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House

The Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House #1: Moist house air

There is no good air circulation in the house and lack of lighting makes the room easily damp.

As a result, the room was able to invite cockroaches in. Moreover, the room was moldy. Surely cockroaches will be happy to be in the room.

The Causes of Cockroaches To Appear in The House #2: Food

Food is the biggest thing that attracts cockroaches, and perhaps the reason why it appears suddenly. Have you changed the way you store food? Do you store food outdoors?

All kinds of food, from human food, animal food, to cloth and paper including cardboard and all forms of packaging materials, cockroaches have organs that can devour everything. The sudden appearance of this pest can be an indication of some form of weakness in the way food is handled at home.

It is necessary to ensure that food containers are properly closed and if possible, tightly closed to prevent entry of cockroaches.

Foods such as bread, fresh fruits and vegetables should be removed from the table and stored in a safe place, while food crumbs should be swept off the floor after cooking.

Dirty dishes that may contain leftovers should not be left in the sink.

Lots of stuff piled up

Having a lot of stuff in the house and rarely cleaned can invite cockroaches to come. Usually they get into the pile of such items and multiply.

Dirty bathroom

Germs and bacteria will always come to the dirty bathroom. Not only that, cockroaches will also come to the bathroom. Therefore, clean the bathroom at least 1 time a week. To be optimal, you can use bathroom cleaning fluid that has the content of killing germs and bacteria.

Moreover, it can make cockroaches reluctant to come to the bathroom. In addition to being able to prevent cockroaches, the toilet cleaner was able to clean the yellowing bathroom floor. Well, then, you just routinely clean the house and bathroom with floor cleaners.

Unkempt garden

Plants that grow wild and spread unkempt can attract the attention of cockroaches to stop by. In this phase, the opportunity of cockroaches to continue their journey into the house becomes closer. That way, taking care of the garden can be a good first step to make cockroaches think twice about stopping by and coming into the house. The use of pesticides should not be the only solution even more so if you have a baby in the house. The content inside it can harm the health, especially children.

There is a gap in the door or window of the house

Cockroaches are known as one of the animals that are good at sneaking. Just a slight crack in the door or window in the house, the cockroach is able to get inside and begin to spread the bacteria and dirt it carries. If the situation of the house requires you to open the windows or doors more often because of the heat, for example, it does not hurt to install additional net doors that are able to disrupt the mobilization of annoying pests named cockroaches.

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Trash can

Trash cans make a very comfortable habitat for cockroaches and if they do not have a safe lid can be a favored place by cockroaches.

Cockroaches breed well in warm and humid areas, especially if such a place gives them easy access to food. When cockroaches suddenly appear in the house, this may indicate the vulnerability of your garbage container.

Make sure the lid of the container is tight and emptied regularly so that the pungent smell coming out of the container does not attract cockroaches.

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