How to plant and grow banana
How To Plant and Grow Banana

6 Easy Steps How To Plant and Grow Banana

How To Plant and Grow Banana – Bananas are one of the plants that are easy to cultivate. Banana plants are easy to grow in various places. Bananas are native to Southeast Asia. 

Types of bananas that are widely grown and consumed, including milk bananas, plantains, Ambon bananas, kepok bananas, mas bananas, and others.

The ease of banana tree plants to grow and bear fruit, makes many people use it as a business opportunity. Banana cultivation can be a promising business because the fruit is much liked.

For those of you who are interested in banana cultivation, it is necessary to know how to grow and maintain it. There are several things that need to be done in the cultivation of bananas.

Here’s a summary of how to plant and grow banana trees.

How To Plant and Grow Banana

Conditions for growing bananas

Before knowing how to grow and maintain bananas, know the conditions first. Banana plants can be planted between rows of trees, by having to meet the requirements, among others:

  • Each clump has at most 2-3 trees.
  • Maximum land slope of 45 degrees, land must be drained, terrace reinforcement should be properly maintained and mulch material (leaf remnants) collected under banana trees.
  • If the soil fertility is low, it is necessary to fertilize with enough compost fertilizer or with artificial fertilizer. The size of fertilization using artificial fertilizers, namely ZA fertilizer 200 g / plant / year, TSP fertilizer 100 g / plant / year, KCl fertilizer 150 g / plant / year.

Banana Shoot Nursery

How to grow bananas to quickly bear fruit the first starts from the selection of banana shoot seeds. In this case, it is recommended to choose banana shoots with a height of 1-1.5 m and the width of the tuber reaches 15-20 cm.

In addition, try to choose banana shoots or types of saplings that have grown up because they already have prospective flowers and food supplies in the stems better.

In addition, the characteristics of banana shoots that are good to plant are shoots that are upright leafy like swords. Shoots with conditions like this are considered better than shoots that have been leafy widened.

After choosing a good banana shoot, here are some things to do before planting banana seedlings. After choosing banana shoots, clean the soil contained in the banana plant shoots.

  1. Keep the seedlings in a shady place for 1-2 days, so that the pieces of the banana tubers dry out.
  2. Then remove the wide leaves found on the stems of the banana plant.
  3. Soak the tuber seedlings to the neck of the stem using insecticide 0.5-1% for 10 minutes, then dry.
  4. If you do not have insecticides, you can soak banana shoots using clean water and flow for 48 hours.

Planting Media Preparation

Before the seedlings begin to be planted, you must first prepare the planting media by processing them. The processing of the media to be used for planting can be done with the following steps:

  • Exterminate and clean all weeds, weeds or bushes found in the area around the planting land.
  • Loosen the soil that tends to be dense by hoeing it.
  • Make swales on the ground that is sloping and held using rocks or grass.
  • Make also a planting hole with a size of 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm of loose soil and with a distance of 3 m x 3 m.
  • Don’t forget to also make a drainage channel that comes out.
  • You can also plant the border of the swale with legumes that are useful to withstand erosion and also wind and give N nutrients.
  • And before entering the planting stage, you should prepare fertilizer first by mixing 30 kg of manure with Naturan GLIO as much as 100 grams. Sprinkle a little water to keep the moisture, then put it in a sack and leave it on for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The soil can be separated first with the lower soil.
  • The top dug soil is then mixed with the fertilizer you have made earlier and added with dolomite about 0.5 to 1 kg each for each planting hole. Then also add 15 to 20 kg of manure for each hole.

Plant thinning

  • Thinning tillers are aimed at maintaining a balance of growth so that plants can produce larger bunches and good quality.
  • Selected tiller sword.
  • For the second tiller sword raised comes from the first tiller sword., and the third tiller sword comes from the second tiller.
  • The maintenance of tiller should begin after the mother is 4-6 months old.
  • The maintenance of the mother plant with its three saplings should be a circular shape.

Banana heart cutting

  • After the last flower in the heart blooms which is characterized by the growth of the fruit is small and slow, the rest of the heart is immediately cut off.
  • Cutting the heart can increase fruit production by 2-5 percent.

Banana Plant Maintenance Techniques

In order for banana trees to bear fruit quickly, maintenance techniques that can be done are:

  • Each clump, should be cut so that it consists of only 3-4 stems.
  • Cleaning of weeds, small leaves, as well as prevention and control against pests and diseases can be done by weeding, such as loosening the soil. In addition, for pest and disease control can also use insecticides such as Malathion and Pestona.
  • Watering of plants or by making a trench filled with water around banana plants. The goal is for the plant to thrive and produce good and many bananas.

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