Health benefits of having a pet
Health Benefits of Having A Pet

Not Much Known, 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

Health Benefits of Having A PetRaising animals, whether dogs, cats, or rabbits, certainly feels good, yes. However, not only is it fun, you know, having a pet can also bring a number of health benefits, such as relieving stress and increasing physical activity..

Everyone may have their own reasons when deciding to keep animals at home, for example to accompany daily activities or look after the house. However, apart from the purpose of keeping it, the presence of pets in the house, in fact, also has a positive benefit for the owner.

Health Benefits of Having a Pet

Below are some of the health benefits of having a pet that you can get:

1. Increase physical activity

An afternoon walk with the dog, playing on leash with the cat, or playing chase with the rabbit, may just sound like activities that are common with pets.

In fact, without realizing it, doing these various activities can also increase your physical activity, so that the body can feel more fit and fit.

2. Relieve stress

Research shows that playing with pets and watching their adorable behavior can relax the mind and help relieve stress.

The reason is because doing various fun activities like this can help increase the production of happiness hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin, as well as lowering levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol.

3. Maintain heart health

Keeping dogs, cats and other animals are also associated with more stable blood pressure and heart rate. This of course can make the heart healthier.

Keep in mind, usually when a person experiences stress, the heart rate and blood pressure will be higher. Well,a study involving animal keepers said, by raising animals, heart rate and blood pressure that had been high could return to normal levels more quickly.

4. Lower risk allergy

Although its effectiveness is not yet known, one of the studies revealed a reduced risk of certain allergic reactions, such as asthma and eczema, in children who have pets.

This is associated with increased work and function of the child’s immune system when exposed to pets.

However, keep in mind that allergies can be triggered by various factors and conditions, including a family history of being allergic to certain materials or substances and also the environment.

So, if your child is allergic to pet dander, then keeping them away from pets is the best way to prevent allergies from appearing.

5. Improve mental health

Having a pet at home can also foster affection, reduce loneliness, bring back motivation, and even increase the owner’s self-esteem. This is the reason why having a pet is said to be able to maintain one’s mental health.

Research even suggests that having pets can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Well, that’s the various Health Benefits of Having A Pet that you can get. However, it’s important to remember, even though it’s beneficial to have pets, sometimes pets can also bring you disease-causing germs.

Therefore, if you have a pet at home, keep it clean and keep your pet healthy by giving special food to the pet, vaccinating the pet, and giving vitamins, deworming, and flea medicine regularly.

In addition, don’t forget to always wash your hands before and after interacting with your pets. However, if after interacting with your pet you experience an allergic reaction or other symptoms, such as a fever or skin rash, immediately see a doctor for examination and be given proper treatment.

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