Benefits of baking soda for cleaning
Benefits of Baking Soda For Cleaning

8 Benefits of Baking Soda For Cleaning Carpet To Jewelry

There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy an assortment of cleaning products. The ingredients in the kitchen alone are enough. Yes, most items in the house can be cleaned with sodium bicarbonate.

Here are the benefits of baking soda for cleaning the house and furniture

Benefits of Baking Soda For Cleaning

Carpets and mattresses

Baking soda can remove stains and unpleasant odors on mattresses and carpets. Previously carpets needed to be washed, baking soda can solve them by getting rid of hidden bacteria and making them fresh.

To do so, apply a solution of baking soda and water on stains throughout the mattress or carpet. Leave overnight or for as long as possible, then clean the pasta with a damp cloth. The same way can be used to clean the inside of shoes.

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Benefits of Baking Soda For Cleaning stubborn stains on kitchen appliances

Food oils and stains attached to food containers or boxes, especially those made of plastic are very difficult to clean. Baking soda can dissolve the oil and fat attached to the container. Apply baking soda using a sponge on the dirty part of the container, then soak it with hot water overnight.

Not only oil and food stains, burnt stains on the pan can also disappear. Sprinkle baking soda on the blackened surface of the pan, flush with water, then bring to a boil. Let the pan sit until the next day, then clean.

Remove stains on plastic food containers

Food waste attached to plastic food containers is often difficult to clean. To clean it, rub the food container with a clean sponge that has been sprinkled with baking soda.

You can also clean stubborn stains on food containers by soaking plastic food containers in a solution made of a quarter liter of warm water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

Oven and microwave

Ovens and microwaves collect stubborn dirt, making it difficult to clean. Remove shelves and trays from the oven and turntable from the microwave. Combine a bowl of baking soda with water or white vinegar to make a paste.

Apply the paste on the walls of the oven and microwave to avoid heating elements, then leave overnight. Wipe the walls with a damp cloth to remove bicarbonate of soda, then spray white vinegar. The mixture begins to foam and hiss, then wipe with a damp cloth. Sprinkle the shelves with baking soda, then spray again with vinegar. Soak in hot water after foaming and clean the dirt with a sponge and water.

Eliminate odors in the refrigerator

If the refrigerator at home emits an unpleasant odor, baking soda can eliminate odors easily. Baking soda will absorb the pungent smell of food, so as not to change the taste of the food around it.


If the drains in the kitchen are clogged or smelly, baking soda can solve this problem. Pour 200 grams of baking soda (about half a cup) into the drain of the sink or bathtub, then pour half a cup of vinegar afterwards.

Cover the holes with a damp cloth and let the mixture sizzle for five minutes. Rinse the drain with hot water to remove the remnants of dirt.


Walls that are dirty because they are frequently touched or splashed with food can also be cleaned with baking soda. Use a wet sponge to apply baking soda on stains on the walls. Gently clean the stain using the rough side of the sponge.

Benefits of Baking Soda For Cleaning jewelry

Do you have any faded or dirty silver jewelry? Let’s clean it with baking soda.

Mix baking soda powder and water to taste and stir until it is like a paste. Apply this paste mixture to your jewelry while gently rubbed using a wet rag.

Rinse with warm water, and your jewelry is back to sparkling like before.

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