What are the 12 houses in astrology

What are The 12 Houses in Astrology?

What are the 12 houses in astrology? When talking about astrology, then there are people who are skeptical, and also people who really believe in it. But one thing is for sure, a lot of people who saw the horoscope in magazines, periodically-and maybe you’re one of them.  Yes. Often the Zodiac made a parameter to many of the things of life. The character and interests of a person, nor miss, type home. That’s why today we’re bringing an Idea related special type of home based on the 12 constellations. Come on, find out what kind of the home that suits Your zodiac! What are the 12 houses in astrology.

What are the 12 houses in astrology?


Taurus is known as the sensual and has a great power. More than other zodiac, the Taurus house type is very basic, strong like Bull, which generally have elegant lines and a modern look.


Aries is the constellation of the most impassioned, so it needs a home that can attract attention or make people curious. People with this zodiac would be interested in houses are original and bright.


Sagittarius is the travel lovers who don’t like live or stay in the House for a long. They only briefly uses his home. That’s why the houses of Sagittarius people practical and functional-definitely to be a paradise for them.


Gemini people are people who are intelligent and passionate. Therefore, they need a cool, Bright House, and have water.


Scorpio people are mysterious, solitary, and charming. His home should be a haven where he could keep all his secrets and freedom, ideally, away from his neighbors.

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Cancer has a protective nature and endearing. An outstanding host, Cancer will be very comfortable in a traditional and pleasant surroundings.


Leo is a symbol of power. They will immediately turn their eyes to the big, impressive, bright, mansion home. At least, in their eyes.


Virgo is a zodiac symbolizing purity. People with this zodiac are meticulous and perfectionist, therefore, likes the minimalist style with clean lines.


Libra basically requires balance. That’s why their living room greatly affects their daily lives. And that’s why they will love the eclectic home in the heart of nature.


Capricorn is a very ambitious person with a foot on the ground. Of course, because that’s the element of them. So in General, Capricorn will choose a solid House, built from eco-friendly materials.


Aquarius people are the ones who are very friendly, loves to hang out, and popular. Your Aquarius friend will often invite you to parties or a fun dinner at their home, which is always open and ready to welcome.


And as you would expect. True PISCES, always need to be surrounded by water. Swimming pool, Lake, pond, River. You will always find the element of water around their homes.

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