Vintage style room decor
Vintage Style Room Decor

9 Vintage Style Room Decor Tips

Vintage Style Room Decor Tips – Are you one of those people who likes the beauty of vintage style rooms? Well, especially if you have a lot of antiques in the house, whether in the form of furniture or antique decorations, do not them pile up or dispose of it first. It is better if you use these antiques as an element of vintage design in the bedroom. Here are some of the tricks of designing a bedroom with a vintage design.

Vintage Style Room Decor Tips

Take advantage of antique furniture

Vintage bedroom design is less complete without the use of antique furniture. You can use the antique furniture already in the house to create a vintage feel to the bedroom. So, you do not need to have to buy antique furniture at a super expensive price to create a vintage feel to the room, just take advantage of the antiques that are already in the house.

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Proper color settings

In vintage designs, commonly used colors are soft colors, such as light blue, salted egg green, yellow, and pastel pink.

These colors are often applied to large furniture such as beds or cabinets, since soft colors will give a vintage impression, even in the absence of antique furniture.

Choose vintage decorations

Most vintage designs always have distinctive decorations, such as mirrors with antique-looking carvings.

If you live in a narrow room, choose a large mirror decoration that has antique carvings to fit the vintage design, but still gives the impression of a spacious room.

Choose a retro electronic device

Since most vintage designs use antiquities, the use of retro electronic devices will also give the impression of vintage in an instant. The electronics in question are convex TVs or old-fashioned radios.

Finding these items is a bit difficult, but if you want to find them, you can find them at flea stores.

If it is not working, it does not matter, because it can serve as a decoration.

Don’t be afraid to apply motifs

Vintage impression can also be shown by the use of motifs in the room. Floral, foliage, and abstract motifs are quite common motifs found in vintage-style items. You can apply this motif on the bedroom wall, lampshades or pillowcases bring a vintage impression to the room.

Choosing a bed

The most important property for vintage style room décor is the bed. This property has the second largest role after the condition of the building. A variety of vintage bed can be an option. Either with a high head bed made of leather or synthetic. Bed with this model does not impress ‘big’ and fills the room. There is also a choice of iron beds with straight line accents. Even with a bed with a lace pole cover.

Add bedding mosquito nets

The next trick to creating the vintage-style bedroom is to add mosquito nets to the bed. The bed that is characteristic of vintage design is a bed with a simple model that is equipped with mosquito nets. The use of mosquito nets can also give a comfortable impression so that it will make you sleep more soundly.

Accentuate the impression as it is

The wooden property is featured in many vintage-style room décor. Although slightly different from rustic power, because the composition of the vintage style is more flexible. That is, if the room is not yet perfectly finished, then the imperfections can be processed aesthetically to decorate.

Don’t forget the vintage design of photo frames

Vintage style room decor tips

In addition to typical decorations such as vases, mirrors, or antique clocks, photo frames with carved vintage designs are a must-have. The engraved photo frame in question here is shabby chic style.

The engraved shabby chic style is consistent with vintage designs that have many motifs, so the addition of this photo frame will emphasize the vintage design in your room.

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