Very small house decorating ideas

14 Very Small House Decorating Ideas

Decorating small home sometimes can be difficult, due to the limited space makes us have to think carefully in order not to make the House look narrow. This time, we will present a few tips is simple, economical, functional, so that your little dwelling more fascinating. Here’s a very small house decorating ideas.

14 Very small house decorating ideas

One room many functions.

Integrate two or three functions in one room, make a small house look spacious. This kind of space called the open plan interiors, and the rooms are usually combined into one is the family room/living room, dining room, and a kitchen.

Bright colors

Very small house decorating ideas - bright colors
Very small house decorating ideas – Bright colors

Small House should prioritize bright colors as decoration, especially on the part of the wall color. This is because the light colors will reflect more light and make the room wider visually.

Natural light access

Very small house decorating ideas - natural light access
Very small house decorating ideas – Natural light access

Consider creating a large window in the small room, as we’ve mentioned before, natural light helps expand your room visually.

Creative ways of separating the room

The border wall of the room could make little houses look narrow. Better to use another way, IE puts disparate elements to define the functions of the different room visually. For example, by installing a different pattern for the floor with separate living room and kitchen. Or it could be by restricting two areas using functional racks.

Color composition

Create color settings that compose the spread of color and contrast in a balanced way, in order for the unity of all elements in the open plan interior.

Hang the television

Very small house decorating ideas - hang the television
Very small house decorating ideas – Hang the television

Flat screen television will not only save on electricity use, but also helps save space usage. Hang the television on the wall, so the television table can be used for other purposes.

L shape kitchen table

Very small house decorating ideas - l shape kitchen table
Very small house decorating ideas – L shape kitchen table

Modular furniture quite practical for a small home. L shape kitchen table, for example, is the right choice to optimize space usage.

Maximizes the function of backsplash

If the House is not extensive, certainly not any kitchen size will be large. You need to keep your kitchen tidy, so that the kitchen doesn’t look increasingly cramped and messy, for it, take advantage of the backsplash as a storage area of kitchen tools that are commonly used.

Light Setup

Natural light will create a small home look broadly at the morning and afternoon. What about at night? A combination of direct light from lamps and indirect light from hidden lamps can make the room look spacious as night falls. Consider a hanging ceiling as a container to hide secondary lights in the room.

The selection of bathroom furniture

The choice of materials and furniture of your bathroom can help improve the functionality of the space. A blend of mosaic tiles and light colored bathroom furniture make a small bathroom look spacious.

Storage in the bathroom

Use the vertical and sleek racks to store toiletries in the bathroom.

Repaint the walls

Repainting the wall is the most simple way to change the appearance of the House. Select a different paint colors, if possible, choose the paint color of the light.

Changing the bed sheet

When repainting bedroom wall does not have time to do, just change bed linens, pillowcases and bed covers. Choose a matching color, alloys and see the results.

Decorating a child’s bedroom

Decorating a child’s bedroom is a fun activity, because you’ll be playing with funny pictures and cheerful colors. Change bed linens with a picture of his favorite cartoon character, and then stacking toy around his bed. Involve kids to organize their bedroom, to arise a sense of ownership and the desire to maintain a tidy bedroom any time without prompting.

Thank you very much for reading 14 Very small house decorating ideas, hopefully useful.

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