Urban farming tips
Urban Farming tips

7 Urban Farming Tips That Can Be Applied at Home

Urban Farming Tips that can be applied at home – Urban farming is the activity of farming or gardening, conducted by urban communities. In fact, gardening or farming activities are the same thing as farmers in rural areas. Only place and utilization of farm produce that distinguish between urban farming and conventional farming activities.

While other things related methods and practice of cultivation, as well as the processing of produce, more or less the same. Well, if You live in the middle of the city and then interested in urban farming, here are Urban Farming tips.

Urban Farming tips that can be applied at home

Take Advantage Of Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt turns out could help make the soil in your home area becomes more fertile and healthy. This is because the content of magnesium and sulfate are very important to plants. Usage is quite easy. To plant in a pot, mix a few tablespoons of salt and water in a pot sprinkler.

Grow in water / hydroponics.

Not many people know that there are several types of vegetables that can grow with just put in a container of water. Do not forget to cut the ends of the bottom is approximately one to two inches before being soaked in water.

Create table plants.

Plants that are underneath often damaged by pets. Therefore, plants which are placed in a container such as high table is a brilliant idea. How to make it also is relatively simple, like making a regular table. It just needs to be added a side barrier around it before you start planting.

Planting vertically.

Basically, your plants can grow anywhere, including in the hollow brick arranged in a hierarchy resembling stairs. Try the above vertical plants for inspiration.

Take advantage of organic pest removal.

Fresh green leaves are often damaged to form small holes caused by insect pests. But, many people are reluctant to use the pesticide sprayers because it can eliminate the organic properties of these plants. In this case, you can create a special organic spray made of garlic and mint leaves.

The trick is mash 2 pieces of garlic and three pieces of mint leaves. Finally mix with water and insert it into the spray bottle after leaving it overnight. This solution is ready to be sprayed to leaves that are widely attacked by pests. Don’t forget to shake before use.

Fertilize the soil without compost.

Instead of having to buy compost soil, why not make it yourself? In fact, some kitchen materials can be used as soil fertilizer. For example eggshell crumbs that give calcium to your soil. Then, the coffee powder which plays an important role as a fertilizer. In addition, you also can use banana peels that can trigger the rapid development of micro-organisms in the soil.

A garden without water.

If you live in an area that is hot, why not make the garden with a selection of plants that don’t need a lot of watering. On the other hand, there are many types of plants that live without requiring a lot of water.

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