Flatiron building
Flatiron building

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Although never held the title as the tallest skyscraper, but the Triangular flatiron building has become one of the interesting attractions in New York. Completed in 1902, the building design of Architect Daniel Burnham is now known for its triangular design. One of the sides seeming to be a branching path marker on 5th Avenue. The side that faces the branching is the attraction of the Flatiron.

This triangle land originally owned by one of the businessmen, Henry S. Black. Black is the owner of a company in the field of construction, particularly in the construction of skyscrapers and steel construction, the Fuller Company. This land was later developed to become one of the Central Office of the Fuller Company. To that end, he hired Architect, Daniel Burnham to design the building.

Until the late 19th century, most of the buildings utilize the stone walls and iron frame. However, this material was only able to sustain a load up to 10 floors. Then the Flatiron comes with new concepts. The building is able to soar with a total of as many as 22 floor, at a height of 87 meters. The construction of this building was detained with a framework of steel beams on the structure of the Foundation.

Triangular flatiron building

Uniquely, one side of the Flatiron was built with a length of just 1.98 meters. Even though it looks narrow, however this side offers views of the downtown skyline. The building was designed in the style of Beau-Arts, complete with ornament of limestone. In addition, Burnham also complements the design of the building with European style decoration. This makes the Flatiron Building look different compared to other buildings in the vicinity.

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During the construction, many New Yorkers who do not believe, it will be resistant to exposure to strong winds. But Burnheim break the assumption. Despite their shapes and unusual concept, but it is designed to be resistant to exposure to winds up to four times as much. To more than 100 years, the Flatiron has become one of the iconic New York attractions at once for the tourists who visit this place.

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