Tree planting tips
Tree planting tips

6 Tree Planting Tips In The Yard

Tree planting tips in the yard – If You have an ample yard, you can fill it with planting trees of medium size to large. Thus, the conditions around the House more cool, green and lush. 

However, if you want to plant a tree in the yard of the House should not be careless. There are some things you need to know and consider when wanting to plant a tree in the yard of the House. Here are a few of them.

Tree planting tips in the yard

Recognize the characteristics of the tree.

You need to know the characteristics of the tree you are going to plant, such as height, width, tree growth of roots and stems, etc. In addition, do not forget to choose the types of plants that are suitable and in accordance with their respective yard. Don’t just bandwagon or interested in other people’s yard because it is not necessarily suited is applied in your home.

For example, not all types of Palm tree are suitable to be planted in the yard of a house. For example, a type of Palm King that has a dangerous hard roots for building construction. You should have ample open space so that its root is not to reach the building.

Set the distance between the trees.

The next Tree planting tips in the yard is set the distance between the trees.

If you plant more than one tree in the yard of the home, don’t forget to set the distance between the trees. Please note that the minimum distance between the trees is three meters. This distance is required so that each tree is not competing for nutrients from the soil. You should pay attention to this in order for trees to be planted to live normally and durable.

Set the distance tree with buildings.

Keep in mind that a large tree roots can damage the Foundation. Depending on the type of tree, the distance required between the point closest to the tree planting is 1.5 meters. That is, the land covering an area of 3 x 3 square meters can only be planted one tree only.

If planting more than one tree, not closing the possibility will impact badly on your building. You need to anticipate unwanted things.

Plant or move.

There are two options that you can select if you want to plant a tree in the yard of the House. The first option, you can keep the tree since childhood or since the seeds are small. The second option, you move a rather large tree from a large pot or the poly bag container to your yard.

If you want quick results, you can move the tree is already pretty big around your home. When moving the tree, you have to take care of it intensively over the past 1-2 months. Limits the time needed to adapt the tree after being moved to a new place.

Use the tree Move method

If you want to enjoy the beauty of trees quickly, you can use methods of moving plants. It should be noted that within a period of one to two months, the tree will adapt and look dry. But after that it will re-grow.
So for a faster adaptation, use a root enhancer.

Choose a tree branch

The presence of trees in the yard, of course accompanied by the obligation to clean the dry leaves that fall.

Well, if you belong to a homeowner who does not want to bother cleaning, it is advisable to choose a tree branch, such as Tabebuia, Frangipani or blackboard trees. These types of trees tend to produce fewer garbage than other tree types.

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