Living room ideas 2017

Top 5 living room ideas for 2017

The living is room is the most used room in a house, it is used for various purposes; you can watch a movie with the whole family, read a book, make the guests sit there, or just chill there. The living room is always in use so you should make it comfortable and as functional as you can. We have five of the latest living room ideas for 2017 here:

Uncommon Modern Contrast

The color of the chamber has a massive effect on the overall appearance of it. Dark and neutral colors aren’t actually used now, we would say ‘they were so 2016’.  Bold and bright colors are used for the walls now, they help provide the room with a shiny finish, and the owner can express themselves with every piece of furniture. The key to this kind of look is to make the colors pop out, and so they stand out or attract the attention of anyone that walks into the room.

The Basic B&W

Not a lot of colors are able to create a rather elegant look, but black and white do the trick pretty well! You can add black and white furniture with the black and white walls to produce a classy look. Not only the furniture, but rugs, comforters, and décor can also be used to contrast with the walls. If the rugs contrast well with the black and white, then that just means the level of elegance has sped up, not forgetting that rugs are the comfiest. Adding the perfect accessories can help portray two looks easily, the bachelor pad and a small elegant living room.

A View

If there’s a window with a beautiful view, then that just immensely enhances the beauty of a living room. One of the main ideas that people have been using is adding a view to a large window. This approach also brings in a lot of daylight which then shines on the furniture and brings out the best of them. A window is the best thing that ever happened to anyone.


People always end up forgetting trends after a year passes but the best-rated idea for 2017 was vintage. People have preferred vintage as the central theme of their living room since it is so classy. It makes the room look affluent and expresses itself as an expensive place. You can just use some old things and renew them if needed.

Art work

As we know it, art is always a good idea. People have been getting creative with art lately because you can literally make anything you want to with art. It helps bring colors to the room that pops out. Every kind of art is now available in the market, and you can even get some 3D designs now.

I hope these tips help you out. Have a wonderful day!

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