Tips for cleaning air conditioner
Tips for cleaning air conditioner

Tips for cleaning air conditioner

Tips for cleaning air conditioner – Air conditioner or AIR CONDITIONING is one of the important needs, especially when summer arrives. But you also shouldn’t forget the routine maintenance that should be done so that the performance of the AIR CONDITIONING in your home remains. In addition, if the AIR CONDITIONING in your home is left dirty or rarely cleaned can also provide effects on your health as it causes the flu or it could be Allergy trigger.

By not cleaning or replacing filters regularly, your air conditioning will work much harder to produce clean and cool air. A dirty Filter will disrupt the airflow and can even cause the occurrence of a fan fire in the furnace or AIR CONDITIONING if you never clean it.

Tips for cleaning air conditioner

Regularly clean or replace your AC filter can minimize foreign substances that accumulate, like fungi. The fungus that accumulates in AC filter can cause chronic cough, nasal congestion, respiratory disorders, and eye and skin irritation.

If you have a filter that can be re-used, it is recommended to clean it at least once a month. Take the filter in the AIR CONDITIONING and check for damage. If it is torn, remove and replace with new filter, but if there’s no damage, just soaking it in the sink or bathtub in a solution of Clorox or Lysol dissolved with water to help kill the spores and fungi.

Rub the filter slowly with a brush to clean the downy every part of various types of dirt that lurk, then let the filter dry thoroughly. Before putting it back into the air conditioning, wipe with a dry rag to remove any remaining dust particles.

Our recommendations.

The only part of the AIR CONDITIONING split detachable is the filter. Wash the filters with dishwashing soap liquid, such as Sunlight, and then drain and replace every 3 months.

Key steps:

  1. Turn off the AC and unplug the cable from the power source
  2. Remove the AC filter according to the instructions from the manufacturer, get rid of the ashes then wash,
  3. Use an AC cleaning spray to clean the evaporator components.

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