Tiny House Trends
Tiny House Trends

Tiny House, Trends in the Developed Countries

Tiny House, Trends in the Developed Countries – Tiny House or small houses are now so numerous trends in developed countries, such as America, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Less is more, being the principle in the concept of building a house in the era of the minimalist era like now.

The concept of Less is more arguing that a minimalist is a better thing than living quarters that take place and piled the furniture does not work. The size of this tiny House is usually not more than 46 m² because the emphasis is tiny House is minimalism and multifunctional design.

Tiny House Trends
Tiny House Trends

For example, the floor of which can store goods or dining table that can be folded in the wall of the House. Although small, in a tiny house includes a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

In addition to the design, the material of the House had to have a nice quality. The selection of furniture for the tiny house has also become the most noticed. Furniture must be multifunctional so that it can save more space.

Usually a tiny house made of materials such as wood, natural stones or used containers. Tiny houses also generally have windows and doors made of glass to allow light into the house to save electricity.

Tiny house usually built adjacent to nature, such as in the forest, the river even in trees. Not only that, tiny house is also often made in a container and towed by the owner’s car to make it easier to move to various places.

The price of making this cute little house is around $23,000. The price can be more affordable when compared with the price of construction of houses in General.

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