This Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid 1

This Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


Decorating is a fun activity. Many people who could work through their home decor.  However, many people are often too engrossed decorating, to forget the fundamental points which in fact should be noted. Here are the Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid:

Not care about the scale of the room.

Many people who buy furniture without thinking about the scale of the room that they had. So frequent mismatch between furniture by the room. Like buying a sofa or table that is too big so it makes the room look cramped.

Nott thinks of the function of the room.

As with the scale, many also do not think of the function of the room by using furniture that doesn’t fit in the room. Because it is better to use the furniture and accessories that are appropriate and needed only.

Excessive decoration.

It’s ok to use everything you love as your room furniture and accessories. But still have to figure out what is appropriate or not in the room. Too much furniture and accessories to make the room look gorgeous and beautiful, but looks chaotic and awful views.

Poor quality furniture.

The next thing was often done at this time. Too hasty when buying furniture without thinking of the quality will be fatal in the future. The furniture will be easily damaged, and will not last long. So you have to spend money to repair or buy new furniture.

Wall Paint Color.

In addition to buying furniture in a rush. Purchase the wrong wall paint can also give you a bad effect on your space. You often forget to try the quality of wall paint first, so when applied to the room, would appear that the resulting does not match the desired color.

Thank you very much for reading This Common Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid, hopefully useful.

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