Things for bored seniors to do
Things for Bored Seniors To Do

7 Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home

Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home – The government urged the public to remain at home during the corona outbreak. But in urgent conditions such as job or food needs, occasionally we still need to leave the house. For the elderly or those with ages over 65 years old, staying at home and not going out at all is an obligation. Because the elderly community was an easy target for Covid-19.

Of course being at home is not easy to do. Because this can increase the boredom and various problems of physical and mental health. Some problems that will be experienced by the elderly are back pain as a result of sitting a day or stress because they cannot get out and meet people.

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Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home

Here are some of the Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home:

Light Exercises

Up to any age, we recommend that seniors have to actively move or exercise regularly. The goal, in addition to maintaining fitness, also to reduce the risk of chronic illness and nourish them mentally. With a healthy body, they can do the activity they love.

But before you start exercising, invite them to consult an expert physician (sports specialist and nutritionist) in order to determine the appropriate type and measure of exercise. Some types of exercises are safe, such as: Walking, Tai chi, Golf, swimming, or dancing.

Dance, in addition to having a fun element, is also good to facilitate blood circulation and stimulate the brain to remain active.

Stay connected via phone or video call

The primary key to the elderly happiness is communication. Whether with relatives or friends, a long conversation can improve your mood and mind. So when you want to meet someone and be blocked from social distancing, it is good to stay connected by phone or video call.

Running a hobby

If you live with the elderly, understand their hobbies. For example, sewing or gardening, you can also help elderly to realize the hobby. This exciting activity can stimulate the brain by releasing hormones serotonin so it is happier and cheerful during the day, despite being faced with erratic conditions like today.

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Things for bored seniors to do - gradening

Gardening can eliminate boredom and create new activities for the elderly group, amid Corona’s viral pandemic (Covid-19).

Gardening can be used as an alternative activity while undergoing social distancing and physical distancing. Gardening is suitable for groups of contracting risk such as elderly and diabetics.

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Entertainment in leisure time

Although always at home, seniors can be invited to fill the spare time. It can be done by doing light household tasks, reading, writing, playing musical instruments, karaoke, or it can be just a chat together. Gardening or caring for your pet can also be an entertaining alternative and of course fun.

It can also try the latest recipes obtained from the Internet or a culinary magazine. Free time is filled, other activities are also done with fun.

Read a book

Unlike the youngsters who are infatuated with the Internet, the elderly prefer traditional activities such as reading books. This could be novels, encyclopedia, biography or comic books. The whole can help to create imaginative to travelling through the brain. So this can be used as a dividing alternative as well as overcoming boredom for the elderly.

Parenting grandchildren.

Parenting activities can also be a fun activity for the elderly to banish boredom at home.

Nonetheless, there should be things to note that the elderly group have a vulnerability to be infected, while grandchildren with immune resistance can still be a carrier of the surrounding people.

Thank you very much for reading Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home, hopefully useful.

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