This is the result if the garage is left dirty
This is the result if the garage is left dirty

This is The Result If The Garage is Left Dirty

Compared to other parts of the House, the garage has often become the dirtiest. You just use it as a vehicle “room” and often put items that are seldom used in this place. Garages tend to ignore the tidiness because you think no one will see it. Whereas this consequently if let the garage in dirty conditions.

This is the result if the garage is left dirty

Making vehicles get dirty.

Even though you already wash Your cars or motorcycles, unwitting vehicles back dirty when you put it in the garage. The surface of the vehicle and its tires become dust again. In addition, the entry of vehicles into the garage from the outside makes the garage become increasingly dirty due to dust from the streets.

Spread of the disease.

A dirty home area will be more humid than other. And usually a dark, dank and dirty, this will be the location of the hideout of pests such as cockroaches, ants, and even a rat. The problem is these animals will spread various diseases such as diarrhea in your home.

Make room in the House is getting dirty.

When you step out of the garage leading into the House, you’re spreading the dust and germs from the garage into the House. In addition, the garage tends to be close to the kitchen, so the kitchen became the first location of the spread of germs in your home.

Place of mold growth.

The dank and dark garage became an ideal location for the growth of the fungus, especially if the garage became a place to store the old newspaper, used tires, as well as other equipment. The fungus causes not hearty aroma goes into your home, and the aroma would interfere with breathing.

Being a mosquito breed.

Even if you are diligent spraying insect repellent in the whole House, the mosquitoes always manage to find a place to hide. Corner of the room that is dark and full of goods was preferred as the home during the day. Don’t be surprised if there are family members who easily allergy due to itching from mosquito bites even though you’ve often eradicate it with mosquito repellent.

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