Home wall ideas

Spectacular home wall ideas

With the wall it is possible to produce a stunning transformation. Change the color of some of them only to see how much the environment can change. So, how to easily improve your overall home decor in case of renovation is concentrating on the wall. How to do it? With the new color and texture options that automatically change the space. However, before you get started, see the solutions we collect in these home wall ideas to give tips and hints that can inspire.

Spectacular home wall ideas

  • Plasterboard walls

The plasterboard panel is a very interesting multifunctional solution, because thanks to them it is possible to intervene both to separate the environment and contribute to decoration, a variety of geometric patterns, as well as depth and color.

  • Industrial-style brick

Put the wall structure contributed to the character of the neighborhood. An open brick charm not only lies in the solidity, but also in a variety of materials and rich colors, also an irregular shades. Make room on the tone of the industry.

  • Wood

The supply of wood like some of the other materials can be done. In addition, this is material that is perfect with all types of furniture. Its flexibility makes it easy to adapt to any space. Be created the way you want: from modern to rustic. It depends on taste and space.

  • A material with different finishing
  • Vertical Garden

If you love nature, then will love this option. The vertical garden is a beautiful cover for the wall. Unusual ways for consistency on the surface through a natural greenhouse plant.

  • The reconstructed stone

Now, if your budget is not sufficient for natural stone, options that are cheaper and more efficiently represented by artificial stones. Can adapt to any color you want, so that it can create a customized environment.

  • Three dimensional Panel

And if we are talking about a more contemporary style design, there is nothing better than a three-dimensional panel. Its benefits are many, especially in terms of decor, as they offer unlimited combination possibilities, both in terms of furnishing and lighting.

  • PVC Lining

A versatile material such as PVC are suitable for endless transformation. Resistant to moisture and can be modelled as needed. It is also very suitable to decorate the walls of the House, introduced varieties, solidity and skills to decorate.

  • Ceramic tiles
Home wall ideas - ceramic tiles
Home Wall Ideas – Ceramic Tiles

Solutions that can always be applied over time are ceramic tiles, particularly in environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to clean and cared for, they guarantee the quality of not only durable, but also the ability to turn on a wall with geometric designs and motifs of relief. Elegant and simple, classic and modern at the same time.

  • Natural stone

The direct welcoming space with great character is what you get thanks to the presence of a wall with natural stone. Antiques for very long results: walls with natural variations and imperfections, embracing furniture and accessories from the net and the rational, functional harmony in contrast and full heat.

  • Colored walls

The materiality of the wall is a very important feature. The rough wall or emboss protrudes with a personality, but if add bright colors on what we see, then the wall can become the main protagonist of the space as a whole.

  • Capitonné

Capitonné makes an elegant atmosphere, providing a clear classic tone, a classy retro sense of taste, it is also a sophisticated elegance.

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