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The 15 Ideas of Small Family House or For Those Who Live Alone

The ideas of Small family house or for those who live alone – Among you, the person who started a new life of its own and want to change the Interior, or want to do a drastic renovation? Here is the idea of the House to support the comfort of living alone or with small families. By buying a one-bedroom, trying to renovate the interior of the house, size and methods vary depending on the person. Please find a tip for a comfortable interior for your own stay. The idea of Small family house or for those who live alone.

The idea of Small family house or for those who live alone

Soft Partitions

Soft partition between bedroom into a layout with unity.

Hidden workspace

Hide workspace with sliding door.

The living room of the Office

Renovate two rooms of office buildings to be one place of residence. One room is divided into zones with the setting and the orientation of the equipment and furniture. So it becomes a comfortable living room so people do not know that it was previously for office use.

White room

In a pure white space that feels bright and fresh, kitchen and workspace mounted on the wall, the back is the living room. Bottom partition is part of a bedroom with a bed, and this is a good way without waste. Comfortable space realized by layout.

Wooden pallets

This is a unique idea that you can freely decorate the interior with wooden palettes laid across the floor in concrete. Natural warmth is added to one small room spaces, and steps were added and the zone division is very good.

Stylish Interiors

The residence of one separate house with a dining kitchen on the first floor and a living room on the second floor.. From the ceiling and the texture of the walls, the manufacture of kitchen furniture, etc., the atmosphere in which the sense of life serves as the interior elements such as a fashionable, stylish household felt.

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Vintage-style Studio

Renovate a cramped studio with vintage style. Just by changing the color and material of the wall, you can see that the room was going to be reborn in space are fashionable and cute. If you are good at DIY’s, maybe the idea of replacing the interior with wallpaper or tile.


Solid flavor born by combining various types of materials on a solid wood floor. If you set the interior in a way that is balanced, it will feel like a cafe in a casual, relaxed environment.

Vintage furniture styles

Between the living room and bedroom, an open feeling in the whole room guarded by partitioning gently with old materials. The interior space of inorganic natural and atmospheric place mixed balanced, according to the style of vintage furniture.


There are lots of people working at home with Office, but even though it was hard to concentrate with just put a table in one room. It would be easier to divide spaces using a partition, so one table can be used for both personal and work.

Favorite thing

A space where you can feel the stunning views of the world surrounded by favorite things, such as hammocks, ornamental plants and lighting.

Simple ceiling

When considering what kind of furniture must be laid, material and color of floor, walls and ceiling that determine the atmosphere of the space becomes important. Stylish furniture and the like may be appropriate for the space of one room with a wall relief of concrete and simple floor/ceiling.

Underfloor storage

In order to effectively use the limited space in the place of residence for yourself, here’s one idea for setting up storage under floor. This will reduce the furniture of the room, the living room will be well developed.

Wall accents

The Interior is simple with beds and desks, partition granules are also the accent.


If you like the furniture and design, leave a lot of stylish furnishings in a spacious room and enjoy.

Thank you very much for reading The idea of Small family house or for those who live alone, hopefully useful.

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