Side effects of using air conditioner
Side Effects of Using Air Conditioner

8 Side Effects of Using Air Conditioner

Side Effects of Using Air Conditioner – When in an air-conditioned room, the body becomes comfortable with the feeling of a cool room. In an air-conditioned room, the air also feels cleaner and fresher so that the oxygen intake will become more, so that the body really becomes comfortable.

This is indeed useful for improving productivity. The body will be able to be fresher and always excited. The state of the heat temperature is unbearable, then with air conditioning will help to make the room more comfortable and fresh

However, with all these benefits, we still need to be careful, because there is a danger from excessive use of air conditioning. 

Side Effects of Using Air Conditioner

Dangers of air conditioning for skin health.

Too long exposure to cold air released by air conditioners can make our skin easily dry.

This of course threatens the health of the epidermis because it erodes minerals and is able to slow down the skin regeneration process.

As a result, the skin will quickly wrinkle and be more sensitive to irritation and external infections.

Dangers of Air Conditioning for Eye Health

A study proves that staying in an air-conditioned room too often can interfere with the health of the senses of vision.

You can catch conjunctiva and blepharitis, diseases that attack meningitis and potentially make you blind.

The above conditions are caused by viruses and bacteria that enter through the eyes.

These bacteria can fly from air conditioners that are rarely cleaned, or by rubbing the eyes with dirty hands.

Less good for lung organs

An air-conditioned room can make the temperature and humidity in the room change suddenly, where the change can adversely affect a person’s respiratory system.

Especially in the vital part of the lung organs, therefore, be wise in using air conditioning, do not get too cold, and do not use air conditioning for too long all day.

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Risk of facial paralysis

The condition of the occurrence of paralysis of the face, can occur on all parts of the face. The disease is called Bell’s palsy. The disease arises due to swelling problems in the facial nerves.

Some of the symptoms are sore eyes when exposed to water, dry mouth, difficulty gargling, speech tends to blur (unclear) and the ability of the senses to taste decreases.

Health experts explain about the factors that trigger paralysis in the face, namely due to the attack of air or wind virus infection.

Where the use of air conditioning can provide a risk of spreading this virus infection. Therefore, this is where the importance of regular cleaning the air conditioner.

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A disease called Torticollis can be detected when we wake up. Sufferers will feel pain in the neck and pain when turning to one side between the right or left. If forced then it will feel severe pain such as electrocution.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include tingling and pain in the hands, especially in the fingers of the hands.

The disease is caused by swelling of the nerves in the wrist. This symptom will also be very pronounced if we are in an air-conditioned room that is too cold.

Easily tired

We also have the potential to become easily tired because when we are in an air-conditioned room we do not breathe natural fresh air.

When too long in the room the danger of air conditioning in some people, will feel nausea, nervous disorders, also accompanied by headaches, even to feel depressed.

Headache or Dizziness

Sick building syndrome is often a high risk in buildings that install air conditioning, but the ventilation condition is poor. Such circumstances make people who are in the room will be prone to experience difficulty breathing, headaches, lethargy, and irritation of the skin.

The occurrence of headaches can also occur, because there are some models of air conditioning that make a sound that is loud enough, so this adversely affects the dizziness in your head.

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