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Secrets That Make McDonald’s Fried Potatoes Delicious

Secrets That Make McDonald’s Fried Potatoes Delicious – We often think why fries McDonald’s (McD) taste good. It turns out that there are special seasonings used this global restaurant. Fried potato lovers certainly recognize McDonald’s fries. The outside crispy but soft inside. Not to mention the fluffy savory flavor and seasoning with salt that fit.

Secrets That Make McDonald’s Fried Potatoes Delicious

There are certain special seasoning used when creating the McDonald’s Fries or french fries. Foodbeast reveal the use of a natural seasoning of beef taste as a key to the deliciousness. Reportedly, this seasoning also separates the taste of fries with other fast food restaurant. McDonald explains this seasoning made from milk and wheat hydrolysis.

As for the process of hydrolysis refers to a specific type of chemical reaction that occurs when the bond between the food is broken down with the help of water. Both took off proteins that are broken down into a compound. It is this compound that produces the typical flavors of the meat once the potatoes eaten. There is also a touch of extra umami taste that makes McDonald’s fried potatoes more delicious.

Before McDonald’s fries, the secret of the delights of the other fast-food menu are revealed from KFC. Precisely about the technique of frying chicken to produce a crunchy texture.

Turns out before fried, chicken soaks with cold water, given a coating of bread crumbs and then placed in a special shelf. After that the chicken be lowered into a high pressure of hot oil vat.

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