Red house characteristics
Red house characteristics

Red house characteristics

Red house characteristics – Red as the primary colors depict the joyful mood, could even be adrenaline.
Not only an atmosphere of cheerful, red can also indicate negative things such as anger, danger, or lust. Red is also associated with passion, strength, energy and endurance.

According to history, the red color was first found in the paintings in the cave 13B at Pinnacle Point. This place is an archaeological site located on the coastline of South Africa. Scientists in the year 2000 found evidence that society in the late stone age, which was approximately 170,000 to 40,000 years ago using ocre or a mixture of clay that has a colored pigment. These mix ingredients used to dye their bodies.

In the coloring of the building, the red color often used in traditional Chinese building. The Tang dynasty and the Song dynasty even use red as the color of the gate. Chinese noble also use this color as the dominant color of their home.

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The characteristic of red color.

The psychology of color is not only used in art and marketing strategy, but is also used in the setup and the interior of the room. Colors also affect mood, feelings, and behavior of a person. Red is also often confused with emotions or arrogance. Surely a person’s feelings about the color also depend on how much the person’s personal experience.
For example, the white color is widely used in Western countries to represent or symbolize purity. In some traditions, this color is used as a symbol of courage, as in Central Africa and Japan which use red as a symbol of heroism.

Red in the interior.

If paired with other colors, red tends to appear prominent. For that, needed special tricks for interior to make it look more fused. Before blending with various accents, make sure you specify in advance the number of walls that want coated with red. Room with large, open, and intended for children should use other colors. So that red is not noticeably stand out in a room, combine with other shades. Pairs of colors like black and white can be an option.

In the dining room or kitchen, a tinge of red or Orange was able to increase appetite. This is why in many restaurants or fast-food restaurants, the red color is often an option for the interior. Coloring the spaces with this color is certainly an option when the color red on the walls of the living room and kitchen was able to increase appetite.
In addition to the dining room, red can also be applied to the living room by adding some accessories and decorations. In the bedroom, the red color was also able to increase the passion and romance, but this color is less suitable when applied too much, because it will make your heart rate is increased, making it difficult to sleep.
If you have a home theater in your home, this color is suitable for decorating the walls. Combine with black hue that will deliver more daring sensation indoors.

Red walls can also be paired with the beige or orange color. Also add the wood colored furniture to make the room look more “rich”. Based on texture, dark red color is able to absorb more light while bright red color is able to reflect light from a wall. Red with brown or purple hues will be noticeably warmer compared to red blood with a little touch of pink. The red-orange can make you feel more energetic.

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