Making open kitchen feels more comfortable

Making Open Kitchen Feels More Comfortable

Making Open Kitchen Feels More Comfortable – To overcome the limitations of space, not a few minimalist House that applies the concept of the courtyard kitchen. That is to say, the kitchen is placed together with a backyard. The benefits, you will be more comfortable when cooking because you can breathe fresh air. The aroma of the kitchen spices will evaporate more quickly and do not need to fill a room in the House. The downside, cooking activities became less comfortable when extreme weather, such as heavy rains or drought with high temperatures. In addition, there are other things to consider, such as the following:

Making Open Kitchen Feels More Comfortable

Choose small furniture.

Small furniture - making open kitchen feels more comfortable
Small furniture

Even though your backyard is big, do not fully built out to the kitchen. The outer side of a fixed page is used as a garden. Add the rocks in the soil so that the rain water that falls to the ground not littering the floor of the nearby kitchen. Then, add plants in pots to beautify your kitchen.

Use the canopy.

If you do not use the roof closed, usually you will choose the canopy. However, because of the sunlight will penetrate beneath, don’t use the entire roof canopy. The canopy on the side of the page can be opened and closed again.

Use a strong wood as a kitchen set.

If you use a kitchen set, use wood that could not easily be decayed. Because the open kitchen makes it easy for the furniture exposed to sunlight and cold weather when it rains causing wood furniture quickly decayed. For cabinets on the bottom, lightly coat with ceramics.

Clean every week.

Clean kitchen every week
Clean kitchen every week

Clean Your kitchen cabinets and furniture every week because of the easy exposure to dust. In addition, do not put the equipment packed for too long in the open kitchen so that it cannot quickly dirty. If indeed you have to put it out because of the area in full, regularly washing the cutlery to prevent exposure to dust and bacteria.

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Make sure the drain closes.

Make sure the drain closes
Make sure the drain closes

Part of the back yard is often equipped with a drainage hole. Waterways must be covered with insulation that still make it easier for water to flow. Otherwise, animals such as rats will be easy to enter your home. Clean remaining food waste every day to prevent an influx of flies and cockroaches.

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