Indoor plants that help clean air - peace lily

Indoor plants that help clean air

Indoor plants that help clean air – The best plant has a double task, besides beautifying, they also purify the air from toxic chemicals. Plus, the plant is easy to grow.

Our homes can have pollutants three to five times more than outside the home. Therefore, we like to stay in the hospital and not realize it. The reason could be that there are substances such as xylene (in paint and varnish), benzene (furniture wax, insect spray) trichlorethylene (cleaners, adhesives) and formaldehyde (upholstery, air fresheners) which can produce symptoms such as headaches, sore throat, or breathing problems such as allergies.

Air pollution from motor vehicles, factory smoke and burning the remains of household garbage become a serious threat to the health of residents in major cities. Air pollution has made the citizens of trouble got access to clean and fresh air.

But no need to worry for you who want to get the clean and fresh air, because there are several types of plants and Indoor plants that help clean air. So, just see a list of those plants.

Indoor plants that help clean air

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera could provide warning for contaminated air.

If there are many brown spots on its stem, means that the air conditions are not good.

Put this plant in the places that is exposed to sunlight.

Rubber tree.

This tree could help overcome the dirty air. Plant it near the House could clear the air so it is healthy to be inhaled.

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In addition to beautiful, it turns out the Chrysanthemum plant is also great for cleaning the air.

It is very instrumental in removing various pollutants.


Mint trees are also good for cleaning the air.

Another advantage is you can put it in the House.

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Dwarf Date Palm.

This plant is strong and drought resistant, but its growth is slow. After the plant is mature enough, it will live for decades and grew as high as eight to ten feet or 2.4-3 m with a sharp needle-like spines near the base of the leaf stem.

However, this plant is well known for its ability to filter the xylene. Well, for optimum air filtration, NASA recommends the placement of at least one plant per 30.4 square meters of a house or office space.

Boston Fern.

We may often see this. The plant originally from the USA, Mexico, India and Africa proved to be able to absorb air pollution and clean up the room.

Exotic plants with curved and frayed leaf shapes, acts as a natural humidifier.

Kimberly Queen Fern.

Unlike the Boston fern spreads sideways, Kimberly Queen grows upright and gives a neat appearance.

This native Australian plant is taking more heat and sun than the Boston fern. In addition, you must also water it on a regular basis.

Because it can be grown indoors or outdoors, this fern makes an interesting addition which is placed under a patio or deck, especially if it is near the garage because there is xylene in the exhaust of the vehicle.

Yellow palm.

This plant fits planted indoors, as long as each one week pull out from home in order to get to the sun.

Peace lily flower.

Indoor plants that help clean air - peace lily

This green leafy plants and white flowers is also beautiful when displayed in the home. This flowering plant is capable of lowering the levels of formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Spider Plant.

NASA study found, spider plant eliminates 95 percent of formaldehyde from a closed plexiglass space in 24 hours

Even better, the main plant is sending out shoots, called “spiderettes” which eventually grow into baby spider plants that can transplant.

It also helps, because research shows, people are more relaxed and happy after caring for plants.

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Thank you very much for reading Indoor plants that help clean air, hopefully useful.

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