How to stop cat vomiting
How To Stop Cat Vomiting

5 Ways How To Stop Cat Vomiting, Don’t Take It Lightly

How To Stop Cat Vomiting – Cat become one of the adorable pets and can be entertaining when we are tired. A healthy cat will always act cute and agile. This makes us happy to play with it.

However, if our cat is sick, he will be silent and not excited to play. One of the signs that your cat is sick is the intensity of vomiting that is quite frequent. Indeed, if the cat vomits to be a sign of the response of its body to a foreign body. However, if the vomiting is too frequent and unnatural, we cannot take it lightly.

The following how to stop cat vomiting and its causes what you need to understand. Come on!

Causes of cat vomiting

Before discussing how to deal with cat vomiting, we first discuss the causes of vomiting. Many things can cause a cat to vomit. Ranging from fur balls, to indigestion. Therefore, to deal with the problem of cat vomiting properly, you need to know what causes it.

Indeed, it is not easy to find out what causes a cat to vomit. We need to make observations first and not just diagnose. If the cat vomits for two days, it’s a good idea to immediately be taken to the doctor for further treatment.

How To Stop Cat Vomiting

1. Do not feed the cat after vomiting

If you know that the cause of your cat vomiting is an allergy, then do not feed it after its first vomiting for 12-18 hours. In addition to eating, you are also forbidden to give him a drink.

Let foreign objects or food that is in the body out first through the next vomit. You can help your cat to vomit immediately by gently rubbing his stomach.

2. Give water or ice cubes to facilitate digestion

If 12-18 hours have passed, give the cat a small amount of water every 30 minutes. The goal, so that the cat’s digestion becomes smoother and ready to receive food again.

You can feed it with a spoon, or place it in the cat’s drinking bowl. Another thing you can do to make your cat drink more is to give it ice cubes. Let the cat lick the ice cubes after vomiting so that his digestion returns to normal.

3. Feed in small portions

When the cat has started to drink after vomiting, we can give food. However, keep in mind, give food in small portion. Because, the cat’s digestion is still sensitive after vomiting.

You can start to increase the portion of his food periodically up to the normal portion if the cat has started to recover.

4. Clean and brush the cat’s fur regularly

One of the causes of cat vomiting is choking on the hair that collects in its throat due to licking its body. So that this does not happen again and minimize the risk of vomiting fur, it’s good for us to regularly bathe the cat.

A clean cat’s body due to routine bathing and combing will reduce hair loss. So, when the cat licks his body, no more hair goes into his body and makes him vomit.

5. Take him to the vet for further examination

Normally a cat will experience vomiting for a few hours or a maximum of two days. If it’s been more than two days and the cat is still vomiting, then you should immediately take him to the vet for further treatment.

The doctor will examine the cat’s condition thoroughly. This will give you more detail about the cat’s illness that causes it to vomit.

Indeed, cat vomiting is a normal condition. However, you can’t take it lightly because it can be an early sign of a more serious illness.

Hopefully this article on How To Stop Cat Vomiting can help you.

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