How to properly clean a gas stove
How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove

10 Tips – How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove

A gas stove is a cooking tool that is very commonly used. Unfortunately, some people may not know How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove.

Dirty and clogged gas stoves can interfere with gas flow. In addition, this condition can also make the fire generated gas stove weaker. In some cases, the fire doesn’t even come out.

A gas stove is essentially a simple and easy-to-use tool. However, the problem can arise when the rest of the food falls to around the perimeter of the stove or burner head. The longer you left, the rest of the food will be harder to clean.

If you do not routinely clean the gas stove in the kitchen, then it is not surprising if one day you find the problem of blocked gas stove, gas stove that red fire, until the gas stove rusty. Especially if you use an open kitchen that makes gas stove more often exposed to dust.

In addition to wiping the outside each time you finish cooking, you are also advised to perform a thorough cleaning of the gas stove every 3 months to maintain the gas stove for durability.

Then, which gas stove part should be cleaned? How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove? Read this guide article to the end.

How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove

Read the Gas Stove Guide in advance

Read the Gas Stove Guide in advance to find out which parts of the stove are safe to remove and clean. If you don’t have a user guide, look for information on the page online from the company’s official website that produces the gas stoves.

For old gas stove model

If you have an old model gas stove, first disconnect the connection between gas and stove. After that, lift the burner cap part of the gas stove. When you just use the gas stove, make sure the burner cap is cold before removing.

How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove on the Surface

The surface part is the most easily visible part if it is dirty. This is therefore the easiest and most frequently cleaned part.

  1. Make sure the stove is cold.
  2. Remove all components of the gas stove covering the surface of the stove, the furnace and burner. If not difficult, remove the stove knob. The point is, so you can clean up to the edges of the stove holes.
  3. Use a dry tissue or wipe to clean the dirt thoroughly.
  4. Pour the cleaning fluid into the basin containing hot water until foaming.
  5. Use a thick rubber glove that can withstand the heat, dip the sponge that has a rough surface and use it to clean the stove surface. For the edge of the stove hole or knob, you can use a used toothbrush.
  6. Spray clean water and wipe the remaining foam with a dry cloth. Do the same on the side and bottom side of the stove.

How to Clean the Stove in the Furnace Section

The furnace is a part that supports cooking utensils on the stove. Generally, four-footed furnaces, although some are six-footed.

For the furnace condition that has been coated with thick oil, you should know how to clean the stove part of the furnace effectively. Try the following if water and soap don’t work:

  1. Prepare a large enough basin to soak the entire furnace.
  2. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of detergent powder. Stir until perfectly blended.
  3. Let stand for an hour, then rub with aluminum fiber.

How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove in the Burner

How to properly clean a gas stove in the burner

The Burner is a circle surrounded by small holes that are in the middle of the furnace. When the flame fires, the burner is the part that emits fire.

Some of the disturbances that arise because the burner is rare (or never) cleaned is the emergence of red flames that cause the pot to become black, the burner is blocked so the fire stove shrinks or not even out at all. As a preventative and maintenance, follow how to clean the stove part of the burner

  1. Remove burner after the stove is cold.
  2. Wash all the burners with warm water and a little soap / detergent to remove the outer layer of dirt.
  3. Make the cream of baking soda mixed with water. Make sure the texture resembles a cream / paste, using a little water only.
  4. Layer all the burner’s parts with the cream on top, leaving for about 20 minutes.
  5. Brush the burner until black stain is gone. Using a small brush like a used toothbrush can be used to prevent stains from dwelling in the holes and hollow part.

Stains may not be lost perfectly, especially if the burner has never been cleaned at all for years. However, if you want more perfect results, try the following alternative way of cleaning the burner:

  1. Place the burner into the basin, pour the synthetic vinegar until all the burner’s parts are submerged.
  2. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and two slices of lemon juice. Leave overnight.
  3. Brush the burner with a wire brush or aluminum coir until the color is back as originally.
  4. Dry perfectly before being put it back into the stove.

How to clean the stove in the Knob

The knob is a part that is often forgotten, especially if you use a portable gas stove and freestanding where the knob is facing front. On the planting stove, the knob overlooks the top making it easily visible if dirty.

How to clean the knob is not much different from other parts. Just that, the knob doesn’t need to be soaked.

  1. The first way is to apply a cream that is baking soda with a mixture of water. Apply the knob using the toothbrush while brushed, then wipe it with the dishwasher until clean.
  2. The second way is to remove the knob, especially from the stove with removable knobs. After the knob is removed, spray with water that has been mixed with cleaning fluid, then brush gently with the toothbrush to the hard-to-reach section. Once clean, rinse with clean water or dry wipe. Then dry it perfectly before it is reinstalled.

How To Properly Clean A Gas Stove in the hose

Gas leaks often come from fragile and unmaintained gas hoses. To prevent it, you can clean the gas hose too.

  1. You can remove the gas regulator first.
  2. Then, clean the hose part with the sponge that has been given soapy water.
  3. If there is a leak, then the bubbles will appear. If this happens, replace the gas hose immediately. The cause could be a bent hose position or close to the source of the flame.
  4. After finishing cleaning the hose with a sponge, do not forget to clean it with a wipe that has been moistened with clean water, then dry.


After drying, reattach all parts of the gas stove according to the sequence. Keep the gas stove ignition electrode part unbroken or bent during the re-installation process.

Restart the stove after cleaning

Re-follow instructions on how to restart the stove after cleaning. Make sure the color and shape of the flames appear normal. The color difference or the flame shape indicates that the burner head may not be completely dry or the burner head is not placed according to the position it should be.

Gas stove ready to use

Gas stove can be re-used to cook various servings.

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