How to pick a sweet ripe melon
How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon

9 Tips – How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon

How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon is not so difficult. Often you buy melon fruit that has not been cut and get the taste not so sweet. For those of you who do not know how to choose of course can only surrender after buying a melon.

However, you can see a variety of physical characteristics on the melon in order to get sweet fruit. Fresh fruit with green skin color and yellow or light green fruit flesh is suitable for consumption during the day when it’s hot. The water content is so refreshing.

How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon can be done by recognizing it. Before you buy, you need to really pay attention to the characteristics of this melon fruit in order to get that perfectly sweet and ripe.

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How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon

Try lifting and compare with other melons.

The ripe melon will feel heavier than the still raw melon fruit.

Recognize the Melon scent

You can also apply How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon by smelling the scent. The scent of the melon fruit can be done from the base of the stem. Try to sniff at the base, if the scent of melon is already felt there means the fruit is ripe.

Ripen and ready to eat Melon usually has a high natural gas content of ripe fruit, so the aroma will be smelled even if you have not cleaved it. The stronger the sweet aroma, the sweet the melon will be.

Watch for signs of decay.

Note the place, shelf, or melon storage box. If there are many other flies or insects around, or there are fluid flows and fruit covers, it may be better for you to buy a melon elsewhere.

Notice the shape and surface of the melon

Before buying a melon, pay attention to the shape and surface of the skin, whether there is a bruising or cracking part. If so, you shouldn’t choose the melon. Good quality Melon has a smooth surface and no cracks or broken parts.

Check skin tone and nets on the skin.

A ripe melon has yellow, brown or cream skin. The skin is covered with a net pattern, which has a more tangible and thicker area of its surface. Green-colored skin and surrounded by flat nets is a sign that the melon is not yet ripe.

Note the melon stalk

Look carefully at the tip of your selected melon fruit stem. Ripe and sweet melons will usually have a fruit skin mesh texture with a descending pattern. That is, the sweet and juicy melon fruit, the less the texture of the net that is at the bottom of its stem.

Observe the fruit base carefully.

How to pick a sweet ripe melon - observe the fruit base

Never buy a melon with a rough or open base, which has a lumpy base that comes from the fruit or that has a stem that is still embedded. This kind of Melon is too fast to be picked and will feel very bad. Instead, choose a melon with a smooth, rounded base.

Knock Melon Fruit

The next way How To Pick A Sweet Ripe Melon is by tapping it. Knock the melon near your ears, melon sounds must be heard deeply and echoed because there is a large enough empty room in it. It’s a sign if the melon is ripe.

Shake the Melon

You can also shake the melon as a way to choose a sweet melon. This is so that you know if the inside of the melon is shaken or not. If it moves, it indicates the melon is ripe and ready to be consumed. It is a melon that has soft and juicy fruit flesh usually has seeds that are easy to fall out.

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