How to make an avocado ripen quickly
How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly

7 Tips – How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly

Avocado fruit is one of the most rated fruits in the world. No wonder in every fruit shop definitely provides the avocado fruit supply. However, the avocados that we encounter in the store are often no mature. How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly?

Here are some easy ways that you can try:

How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly

Place it on the table

The easiest way to ripen avocados is by putting it on the table for a few days to let it mature naturally. The greener avocado can last 3-5 days at the table, before it becomes perfectly ripe. Meanwhile, the darker-colored avocado will be more quickly ripe. To ripen avocado quickly on a table, place it in a bowl or paper bag with apples or bananas.

Wrap with newspaper

The next way How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly is wrap it with newspaper.

Prepare newspapers sufficiently. Wrap the avocado fruit with a newspaper until completely tightly. Then, store it in the container and place it on the table. Do not store in the floor directly. Store in a place with room temperature (not in refrigerator).

To check if it is ripe or not, just press the flesh. If it is tender, it means avocado is ripe evenly.

Use tissues and tape

Wash the avocado fruit, wipe until completely dry. Then cut the edges. After that, cover the tip of the avocado fruit with tissue sheets. Then tape it with tape.

Place it in the container and store it at room temperature. Usually two days, the avocado fruit is ripe evenly. Just check  it often.

Put together with banana or kiwi

How to make an avocado ripen quickly by put it together with other fruits

Bananas, kiwi, and apples that all produce ethylene gas, if placed next to the hard fruit, it will soften the fruit. This natural Gas breaks down the internal cell walls and converts the starch into sugar, ripening the fruit naturally.

To make the avocado ripe in 1-2 days, put it in a paper bag with one or two bananas. This method concentrates the gas around the fruit, but still allows the fruit to breathe. Avoid using plastic bags that make the fruit not breathing.

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Wrap avocado with paper bag

The next step that can be done is to prepare paper bag sufficiently.

Then wrap the avocado fruit with until thoroughly tightly. Make sure the paper bag is not perforated. Where the paper bag only serves as a gas accelerator.

If wrapped, keep it in place with room temperature. In this way, avocados will ripen in a time range of 3-4 days.

To check if it is ripe or not, just press the flesh. If it is tender, it means avocado is ripe.

Store avocados in rice grains

It is actually not advisable to put an avocado in the refrigerator, because avocados will not ripen at cold temperatures.

We recommend using a method that has been used by Indonesian people since then, which is stored avocado in the rice.

Try inserting the rice into the container that has been prepared until half. Then put the avocado on the rice and add the rice until it buried it at all.

Then close the container until it is tight and wait for 2-3 days.

Where an ethylene gas and the warm temperature of the rice can make the avocado ripen faster.

Piercing avocado with a toothpick

An avocado piercing with a toothpick can also be an alternative to quickly ripen its flesh.

Why be pierced? So, injuring the fruit will accelerate the process of maturation of fruit. For example, the fruit that is bruising will surely be soften faster than others. Well, this toothpick serves to replace the stalk.

Supposedly, avocados still feel they’re in the tree so ripe faster. Although it sounds strange, this way is proven to make the fruit ripe quickly, it is often practiced on jackfruit and Sapodilla. This is quite easy, but the drawback is that the meat in the former puncture will be slightly blackened.

Thank you very much for reading How To Make An Avocado Ripen Quickly, hopefully useful.

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