How to make a long narrow garden look wider
How to make a long narrow garden look wider

How to make a long narrow garden look wider in 5 Tips 5/5 (1)


Now the housing is getting narrower the land. Even parts of the yard not more than 2 × 2 square meters. You’re forced to be satisfied with a small garden in the front as an oasis where you live. But, tiny garden does not mean cannot be arranged to make it look beautiful. You can make the garden look wider and cool to look at. Here’s how.

How to make a long narrow garden look wider in 5 Tips

Avoid large trees.
You of course want to have a shady tree in front of your House to avoid too much sunshine. But don’t choose a large tree leaf will cause garbage on the yard.

If you want a shade plant, select plants that the leaves taper and tend to be vertical, such as spruce or Palm. The trunks of these trees are also slim and Petite so it doesn’t narrow down your yard.

Note the location of the planting.
We recommend that you use a plant that is also tiny, mini elephant grass in addition, you can also plant a Jasmine Bali, Allium Tuberosum mini, azalea, but you also have to set the position of planting.

Do not put in the middle of all that will make garden become full and difficult to traverse. Place green plants with no flowers in the corner near the side of the House. While the flowers placed on the side near the outside and make sure it remains exposed to the Sun.

Add a path.
To avoid the garden so as not stepped on, provide a path starting carport area to the terrace of the houses. You can also use bricks or stones that formed a circular available on the seller’s plant. The path also serves as a footing as you will be watering the plants.

Separate your potted plants.
For a plant that is in the pot should no longer be put in the garden, but you can use another location, for example. Or a hanging pot plant in the backyard or on the terrace of your House.

Put the pots in the garden will make the garden become more narrow.

Beautiful lighting.
Don’t be satisfied with just great lights on the terrace as lighting your garden. LED lights are placed in the corner garden, thus making the garden became more romantic. Use the yellow LED lights Dim so that your garden looks like hotel gardens in Bali.

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