How to get rid of bats from your home
How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

10 Easy Ways How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home – Did you suddenly find bitten fruit scattered in one corner of your house? If so, it could be that your house has become a nest of bats. In plain view, bats will not be seen in the morning. These mammals are only active at night.

Bats are quite annoying. Because, it often leaves fruit bite marks and makes the house dirty. If there are bats in your house, do this 10 easy ways How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home.

How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home

1. Immediately harvest ripe fruit

If you have a fruit tree near your house and the fruit is ripe, harvest the fruit immediately. Because, the sweet smell of ripe fruit will attract bats to come closer.

Do not forget, after harvesting the fruit, trim the tree branches so that they are not too dense. Because, the branches, and branches of lush trees can be a nest of bats.

2. Add lighting at night

Bats really like dark and closed places. If there is one corner of the ceiling or room in your house that is dark, then that place can be a comfortable nest for bats.

To prevent the animal from returning, add adequate lighting at night. Bright situations make the bats uncomfortable and will slowly leave your house.

3. Use shrimp paste

Bats love the sweet smell of ripe fruit. However, he really doesn’t like strong smells. Especially the smell of the shrimp paste.

You can use the shrimp paste to repel bats. The trick, put a few pieces of shrimp paste in a place that is often visited by bats. The smell that emanates from the shrimp paste will make the bats feel uncomfortable and leave your house.

4. Take advantage of frog sounds

Bats have ultrasonic hearing. Therefore, the loud sound is quite disturbing to his hearing. If there are ponds and frogs around you, don’t chase the frogs away. Because the loud sound of frogs makes bats uncomfortable.

5. Check and repair the roof of the house with holes

Suddenly, your room smells, but can’t find the source? Who knows the roof of your house has become a nest of bats and a lot of dirt that makes it smell bad.

If you feel that way, try checking the roof of your house. Is there a hole or not. You must immediately fix it and close the hole so that the bats no longer nest there.

6. Sprinkle camphor

Repel bats can use fresh lime, you know. This cheap and easy-to-find thing is very disliked by bats.

How to use it is to sprinkle camphor in places frequented by bats. You can also put camphor in a plastic that has been perforated and hang it where the bats nest. The pungent smell of mothballs will drive the bats away.

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7. Hang the mirror on the ceiling

You can repel bats using a mirror, you know! The trick is to hang a mirror in a place where bats usually come. Make sure the mirror gets reflected light. The bright light that reflects off this mirror will distract the bats and leave your house.

8. Bats hate the smell of cinnamon

For us, maybe the smell of cinnamon can be a calming stress reliever. But, for bats, this smell is very disturbing.

Therefore, we can use cinnamon to repel bats from the house. The trick, put cinnamon in places that are often visited by bats. The aroma that comes from the cinnamon will repel the bats by itself.

9. Bats don’t like the smell of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plant is the basic ingredient of eucalyptus oil. This plant is also often used as an ingredient in aromatherapy oil mixtures. However, eucalyptus is highly disliked by bats. So, you can use it to repel the animal.

The trick, put some eucalyptus sticks in places that are often used as nests by bats. The pungent scent of eucalyptus will spread when exposed to the wind, making the bats unable to stand it and leave.

10. Install colorful balloons

These colorful balloons certainly catch our attention, don’t they? Besides being cute, this balloon can also be a decoration for the room. However, these colorful balloons actually interfere with the bat’s vision, you know!

You can hang balloons from the ceiling, especially in areas where bats often visit. This balloon will interfere with the bat’s vision and they will stay away from it.

That was How To Get Rid of Bats From Your Home. I hope this helps.

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