How to decorate a simple bedroom
How to Decorate a Simple Bedroom

5 Easy Tips – How to Decorate a Simple Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest and unwind after a day at work. The bedroom needs to be attractively decorated so that you can rest comfortably. How to decorate a simple bedroom is quite easy to do. You can start decorating the room by applying shady colored wallpaper that can change the mood in the bedroom.

Well, you can create and decorate your own bedroom, according to your wishes. To help you in realizing the desire to have a more beautiful bedroom, here are tips and how to decorate a simple bedroom that you can see until it is finished.

Investing in Comfortable Sheets

The first tips How to decorate a simple bedroom the first is to pay attention to the selection of sheets.

Why is it important to choose comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sheets? The bed is the prima donna of every bedroom. A comfortable bed is a comfortable bedroom anyway, right?

Therefore, it never hurts to invest in sheets that are comfortable and look aesthetically pleasing, so that they are pleasing to the eye. This is a simple way to decorate a bedroom that you can do.

Some comfortable and quality bed linen materials, such as Japanese cotton, Tencel, and silk can be an option.

In addition to the sheets, do not forget also with pillows. Now it’s time to choose a pillow that is not too big, but proportional to the size of each bed.

Pillows that are too big and too many, can make the bed look full. In addition, the pillow material also needs to be considered.

If it is too thick, make the head dizzy, and too thin, which will make your neck hurt and sore. Choose a pillow that is not too hard, not too thin, and still able to support the head well.

How to Decorate a Simple Bedroom: Add Ornamental Plants

The next tips How to decorate a simple bedroom is to add ornamental plants to the bedroom. Choose small indoor ornamental plants so that the room can look more beautiful. One of the recommendations of ornamental plants that are suitable for the bedroom is the Paris lilies. In addition to having beautiful leaves, Paris lilies will absorb carcinogens, benzene, and nicotine, then convert them into oxygen that is good for the body.

How to Decorate a Simple Bedroom: Use Wallpaper

One way to make the mood of the bedroom change is to use wallpaper. If you want the room to look more attractive choose wallpaper with a unique and attractive decorative design. The attractively designed wallpaper will also be a beautiful point of view in the bedroom.

Choose a neutral color

The next decoration that you can do to design a simple bedroom is the selection of room paint colors.

Often, the room feels narrow and have no concept because of the selection of paint colors that may be mistaken.

In fact, the selection of paint color is also an important element.

Instead of primary colors, you can choose a soothing color that is in a neutral color.

You can choose a soft and minimalist monochrome color.

If you want to be more colorful, navy or green can also be chosen because it brings up a calm and serene aura.

The selection of paint colors is a simple way to decorate the bedroom that cannot be avoided.

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How to Decorate a Simple Bedroom: Color Combinations

The next tips for decorating the bedroom is to look for interesting color combinations for the bedroom. Just by utilizing color games, the bedroom will look more alive and not look boring. For example, you can install vintage LED chandeliers to beautify the look of the bedroom. Apply red curtains to give a firm statement to the room. A small carpet made of straw will be an attractive complement to your colorful bedroom.

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