How to cool the room without air conditioning
How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning

8 Tips – How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning

In the middle of the hot weather, the room without air conditioner (AC) will usually feel hot and stuffy. This problem can be solved in a fairly simple way.

There are several ways that can be done to make the room feel cooler without the help of air conditioning. Here are the ways How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning.

How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning

Brighten up your room

Do not confuse with this first Tip. Although it only brightens the room, at the bare minimum we already have the cool nuance first. You can first choose the color of the paint that is cool like: light blue, white, light green, purple. The cool colors tend to influence giving a calm feeling to the one who sees it.

This first tip can make your room 5% cooler.

Dispel Sunlight

The next tips How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning is dispel the sunlight.

Blocking the exposure of sunlight into the house can make the room inside the house feel cooler. One of the ways that can be done is to close the curtains installed in the windows of the House.

Use the curtains with bright colors and make sure the curtains are in close position. Dark-colored curtains can make the room feel hotter. When possible, sunlight from the outside of the house can also be obstructed with the installation of curtains or reflective material on the outside of the window.

Fan in the window opens

After closing the curtain, the next step is to place the fan in the right position. When feeling hot, do not place a fan near the body. Place a fan near the open window. This position allows the cool air to circulate indoors.

Make use of ice cubes

Prepare one or two plastic bottles and make small holes from the center to the top of the bottle. After that, fill the bottle with ice cubes until it reaches the height below the small holes that have been made. Place the bottle in front or behind the fan.

If you have a fan with a fan tower type, place a tray filled with ice cubes in front of the fan. This can also make the wind that exhaled by the fan cooler.


How to cool the room without air conditioning - ventilation

Ventilation is crucial for rooms that do not have air-conditioning, because without ventilation, the air that rotates in rooms only the air that is dirty and “stale”. More suggested to make cross ventilation, which is facing each other cross ventilation allows air to flow from the inside out and vice versa, without having to settle first in the room.

The air that enters from one window, will be directly streamed out by the window in front of it, and change in the new air, so on

To outsmart rooms without ventilation, install Exhaust Fan. The price is not too expensive.

These Tips can make your room 20% cooler.

Avoid sleeping without clothes

When feel hot, some people may be accustomed to sleeping with clothes as minimum as possible or even without clothes. This kind of way will only make the body feel hotter.

Try to sleep while using clothes when the weather feels hot, especially clothes made from natural materials such as cotton. Clothes like this can absorb sweat. When the sweat is absorbed in the shirt evaporates, the user will feel cooler.

Unplug the Charger

The charger attached to the contact socket can emit heat. It also applies to a variety of other electronic devices. Therefore, try not to charge the device in the room and do not plug in the electronic appliance cable near the bed.

Smart in the use of lights

It is no secret that turning off the lights can lower room temperature. Frequent turn off the lights of the room, especially during the day.

If you do not like the dark, at night use the table lamp is slightly dim and has a small watt. Besides saving electricity, this way is definitely helping the room to be cooler.

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