How to cook fried eggs
How To Cook Fried Eggs

5 Tips – How To Cook Fried Eggs

Eggs become one of the food ingredients  that exist in almost every home kitchen. Considering the egg content is good for the body because of the protein source of vitamins A, D, and B.

Not only that, the price is economical, and easily processed into any dish makes eggs so favorites. But have you at home have problems while processing eggs?

How to cook fried eggs without sticking

One of the problems that often experienced when processing eggs is the sticky eggs when fried. Then how to cook fried eggs without sticking in a frying pan? Here’s the step

Step 1

Place a wok on the stove and set the stove fire to medium heat. After that, heat the frying pan before starting to fry the egg.

Step 2

Coat the frying pan with a little butter or margarine to add flavor and prevent sticky, after the frying pan is heated. After that, break the egg by gently hitting it on the edge of the frying pan. Separate the shells and let the egg yolks and white fall to the middle of the frying pan.

Step 3

Change the stove temperature to low and cook the egg over a small flame to make sure the texture is more tender. Let the eggs mature until the egg whites change from clear to white. Slide the spatula beneath the egg and flip it.

Step 4

Fry the other side of the egg until the egg yolks reach the desired maturity. Eggs only need about a minute or so to cook on the egg yolks. If you prefer a more dense egg yolks cook two to three minutes on either side.

Step 5

Slide the spatula beneath the egg, moving it from the frying pan to the plate. Turn off the stove and let the frying pan cool.

Over Easy Fried Eggs Without Flipping

Cook the bottom side of the egg as usual.

This allows you to get your fried egg over easy without having to flip it, making it perfect for those of you who are having problems when you are flipping the eggs before. The first few steps in this way exactly match the first way above.

Add water and cover.

Pour a tablespoon of water for each egg to the side of the frying pan. Cover with a fitting-sized lid. The water will turn into steam and cook the upper side of the egg. This will give a thin layer on top of the egg yolks which are characteristic of the fried eggs over easy without being flipped.

Steamed with a small flame for a minute or two.

Steam will not cook the upper side of the egg as fast as if it touches the frying pan directly, so you should provide a little longer cooking time. The egg over easy will be ready after it is coated with a thin white coating but the yellow is still liquid.

Serve and enjoy.

You don’t have to flip the eggs a second time this way. You just have to open the lid (slowly, to avoid hot steam) and move the egg up the plate.

3 Other Tips – How To Cook Fried Eggs

Use an anti-sticky pan and a silicone spatula

If you want to produce a half-cooked fried egg, just use anti-sticky frying pan. Anti-sticky or Teflon frying pans can prevent eggs from sticking to the frying pan.

Although already added oil or butter. A frying pan can still potentially make the egg stickiness in a frying pan. For those of you who want to make a perfect fried egg cooked, you can also use Teflon and flip it with a silicone spatula.

Use fresh eggs

Using a fresh egg, it will be less likely the egg whites will be watery. 

If you want to know the freshness, you can know from how watery or not your egg when it is opened. It is also recommended to put your eggs up to room temperature before you use if previously stored in the fridge.

Use the appropriate oil

There are two best oils for frying eggs i.e. Olive oil and canola. Canola oil has a higher smoke point, so it’s a good choice if you want to get the crispy egg result. But if you do not want to crispy, then use olive oil as it is quite heated briefly.

You can also use butter if you like. Keep in mind that butter has a lower smoke point than canola and olive oil. Then the egg will be faster to burn at high temperature, you should use small fire when you want to fry it with butter.

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