How to choose a bed head
How to choose a bed head

How to choose a bed head

How to choose a bed head

Wooden Headboards.

The head of the bed with wooden materials can apply to bedroom design with traditional and country nuances. Mix and match the headboard made of wood with the concept of interior room and comfort. No need to spend money to buy the best quality wood material for Your Headboard. Simply take advantage of used doors, windows, wooden window frames as a headboard material. For example, door frames that are chipped or worn out wooden window become the material that is fitting to get the classic and unique design. Surely it will be the focal point of your bedroom. Price issued was not much, because you make the used and antique items. Maybe you just need to spend funds to repaint the items.

Metal Headboards.

In addition to wood, you can apply the metal headboards. This metal headboard fit applied to a minimalist bedroom design. You can create the chic impressions and urban design concept, for example, with a corrugated metal sheets, elaborate decor, for the shape of the iron gate with artificial flowers. Perhaps, the metal is not so appealing to some people, but you can create it to look unique, attractive, and comfortable. For example, by adding a minimalist sized furniture as well as a similar color selection with Your headboard.

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Fabric Headboards.

Fabric headboards
Fabric Headboards

Another interesting option is the headboard with a fabric material. Generally, this headboard is often found on a bedding set manufactured by factories. You could make a small bedroom look elegant and been catching attention. If you want to look more colorful, you can create a headboard fabric patterned with cheerful according to taste. No need to take off the existing head of the bed, you just need to replace the cover with the fabric or patterned headboard style. Or, you can get creative by making Chesterfield style headboard. Headboard is so looking more refreshing.

Leather Headboards.

If you want to create a headboard that can give the impression of a modern and tidy, you can choose the type of headboard made from leather. Make this leather headboard becomes the focal point of your bedroom, though the material of the leather tends to give the impression of a cold. You can add color pads were with the headboard to dampen the sense of cold.

Art Headboard.

The next option is the Art Headboard. These types let you freely explore headboard design according to the tastes and be your artwork. Generally, this headboard has less structure, but are arranged. For example, you can paint the wall space above the bed, draw illustrations, or craft a painting Gallery. You can also make a variety of lovely word quotes as background headboard, attach the photo, paint the walls with a cheerful, colorful or aggravate wall sticker. On this type of headboard, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Enough exploration of the soul of your art to make unique and beautiful headboard works.

Create a Headboard According To Taste.

You can use anything to make the design of the headboard as you want. For example, by making small shelves contain books as headboard that is unique and functional. You can also take advantage of the small pillows are arranged behind the bed. Want more unique and interesting? You can make the Board as the head of the bed. The trick, black paint the wall behind the bed and then draw a headboard. You can change the picture of headboard whenever you want to.

Effective measures to determine the head of Bed appropriateness.

After knowing the different types, the following effective measures to choose headboards with exactly

  1. Select headboard in accordance with bedroom interior design, or design that you want to develop.
  2. Think of your comfort. If you frequently watch television and read a book in bed, you should choose the upholstered headboard padded and frothy so comfortable to lean
  3. The metal or wood material headboard is very stylish interior design for bedroom, but will not make you comfortable to lean.
  4. You can consider a leather headboard because it has a sleek and durable design. This type of headboard is also easy to clean up.
  5. Adjust the size of the headboard to the height of the person who will be using the bed. Many cases, less high headboard for tall older people. Vice versa, the children do not require large size headboard.
  6. If you want to buy new beds, we recommend that you buy a set with a headboard that is already installed. Because, it would be cheaper and looks more suitable. But, the drawback, your choice will become less.
  7. Conversely, if you want to choose a headboard for a bed, then you will be faced with many choices. Make sure you measure the width of the bed and adjust the design of the headboard of your bed.
  8. Limited budget? You can use wallpaper, painting, book shelves, or other creations instead of a headboard. Your art creations will not only look like the head of the bed, but instead will be the focal point of your bedroom.

Clean The Headboard Periodically.

After selecting the type of headboard that suits your character and blend with the interior of the bedroom, surely you need to clean it up periodically. This is useful to make your headboard stay clean, free of stains, and to avoid bacteria and germs that can cause a variety of ailments. Then, how do you care for and clean your headboard well? When the head of Your bed made from metal or iron materials, you can clean it with a simple by wiping it with a wet cloth. In order to avoid dirt and dust that accumulates, wipe headboard at regular intervals, i.e. every 2 – 3 times a week. And keep in mind, before you clean the head of the bed, make sure you coat the pillows and mattresses with plastic or newspaper to avoid dust and dirt tumbling. How to clean a fabric headboard? It is very easy, simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Afterwards, you can rinse with soapy water to all parts of the head of the bed. And then, what if there are stains that are hard to disappear? Use a stain remover to the stain. The trick, pour a few drops of the stain cleanser on a dry cloth, then rub the cloth on the stain by rotating.

Thank you very much for reading How to choose a bed head, hopefully useful.

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