Front load washing machine cleaning tips
Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

9 Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

Having a washing machine with the latest technology, can be very easy homework. However, the washing machine at home should be cleaned so as not to break down quickly.

For those of you who use the front opening or front load washing machine, here are tips on how to clean it.

Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

Running self clean

Most high-tech front opening washing machines have self-cleaning features.

Times will vary, but we should start by taking advantage of this self-cleaning feature.

Using vinegar

Using vinegar is The next Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips. Add 1/2-2 cup of vinegar to the detergent pouring place, then run the washing process as usual. As an option, we can add salt or baking soda.

We can use warm water to clean it better, despite the fact it has not been fully proven.

As an option, we can add salt or baking soda.

But there are also those who suggest that we often wash clothes with a fabric softener, so there is no need to use too much material to clean the washing machine.

Using bleach clothing

Bleach products can also be used as a front opening washing machine cleaner. We just need to add about two cups of bleach with hot or warm water.

Find the gasket.

Find the gasket is Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips. Gaskets are rings around the front opening of the washing machine drum. This gasket seals the water so that it does not seep out of the washing machine. Open the washing machine door as wide as possible and peel the rubber surrounding the opening.

The gasket will stick to the washing machine, but you can open it for cleaning, and make sure nothing gets stuck.

Get rid of foreign objects.

After the gasket is pulled, check for the presence of objects between the rubber. Sharp objects can damage gaskets and washing machines when turned on. Always check the clothing bag and pick up the item inside before washing it. Foreign objects that are usually present in gaskets are:

  • Hair pins
  • Nail
  • Coins
  • Paper clip

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Cleaning drums

Cleaning the drums is the next Front Load Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

How to clean the front opening washing machine tube? Empty the washing machine when you want to clean it. Then run the washing program using hot water, if there is such a mode. If there is no washing program using hot water, then you can use the usual washing program.

Washing using hot water can help clean the remnants of detergents that accumulate in the washing machine tube.

For cleaning, we can use baking soda or baking soda. Then how to clean the washing machine with baking soda? Simply sprinkle 1/3 cup or 75 grams of baking soda into the drum. Baking soda will help remove odors from mold or dirty clothes.

Close the engine door. Pour two cups or about 470 ml of white vinegar into a detergent tray or put it directly into the washing machine tube. Vinegar and baking soda will create a reaction that will clean the washing machine drum. This vinegar serves to eliminate the smell in your washing machine. Adjust washing machine settings for cleaning cycle.

Clean the drawer where the washing machine detergent is.

The trick is to drag the drawer, then press the “push” button and pull the drawer out. Dredge the rest of the detergent, wipe with a toothbrush and rinse with water until clean.

Clean the rubber door of the washing machine

Clean the rubber door of the washing machine using a toothbrush and detergent, rub on the rubber part to remove the dirt that sticks. If the rubber part on the door of the washing machine is not clean, there will usually be stubborn blackish stains even until moldy.

Clean the inlet filter and the sewer filter.

Before cleaning these parts be sure to unplug the washing machine’s power plug first. To clean part of the sewer, use a cloth or sponge, wipe thoroughly.

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