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Exciting Home Design Tips with Dramatic Impression

Room design at home sometimes also needs to be replaced so as not to feel boring. There needs to be a different accent to make it stand out. Well, one of you can do is to add a dramatic impression. There are some tips that will help you, one of which is to make the room became brighter and more colorful. Here are the following complete tips.

Choose the paint color of the light.
The good news, choose natural white colors paint like to ceiling. Then, select a brighter color like yellow, red or blue on the walls. This will give the impression of space looks bright and fresh.

If you really want to brighten a dark room, make sure the ceiling is painted with the bright white color which you can find.

Decorate with lights.
The easiest way to give a little light in the room is to put lights in strategic places. Select a chandelier or light that is placed on a small table at the corners of the space.

It could also put the light perpendicular to the placement of the mirror.

Place the mirror.
If that room has a window, then put some on the other side of the mirror to reflect natural light as much as possible.

However, if the room has no window, no need to worry. The use of the mirror will also brighten a room automatically.

Install the floor natural or neutral color.
If you want to bring about change in your floor, keep in mind the budget. If budget allows, choose hardwood flooring, such as oak wood. Instead of replacing the floor, you can also highlight it with a neutral color tapestry to lighten the space.

Minimize furniture.
In a dark room, it is best to attach the pieces of furniture are slim and light, which does not have many ornaments. It is recommended to have bright and light colors wooden structures.

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