Eco friendly building materials
Eco Friendly Building Materials

8 Eco Friendly Building Materials

The issue of environmental damage and global warming has been widely discussed for a long time. In the field of property this issue has long been discussed, so many people have switched to eco friendly building materials.

Environmentally friendly materials or green property has actually long been used by people in the countryside. And now many building designers who design a house remain elegant, luxurious, and modern by using the building material.

Eco Friendly Building Materials

What are the Eco friendly building materials? Here’s the list.


This material has been known to be used by the world community as a building material since thousands of years ago. Bamboo is known to be durable and supple, making it quite famous among architects.

In addition, bamboo also has a light weight that remains firmly weight-bearing and environmentally friendly. Interestingly, bamboo is a material that is resistant to earthquakes.

Eco Friendly Building Materials from Soil

You can build a house with soil material.

This technique has actually been used thousands of years ago and was proven to produce quite strong building construction.

How to use soil as a building construction material is to compact it and support it using a wooden frame.

That way, you will get a wall that strength is not inferior to concrete.

In addition, the advantage of this material is that the house feels cooler and natural.


This eco-friendly material may be quite foreign to the ears of many people.

This material is made from fungi that grow in agricultural waste, such as straw.

Mycelium is commonly used as an adhesive building material.

In addition, mycelium can also be used as a replacement for wall panels, silencers in music studios, and insulators of rooms in the summer.


Hempcrete was first used in construction to build non-heavy bearing filler walls in France in the early 1990s.

Hempcrete is made of a mixture of hemp with lime and water weighing only about one-eighth of the weight of ordinary concrete.

The mild nature of hempcrete can also reduce the energy contained in buildings by reducing emissions associated with transporting materials.

Usable in a variety of climates and soils, hempcrate weighs about one-seventh of the weight of conventional concrete.

The main advantage of using hempcrete is that it can be used to build different types of construction areas ranging from walls to roofs.

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Wood has become a material that is often used to build a dwelling. The advantages of wood when compared to concrete or steel, easier to obtain and more environmentally friendly.

How to process wood to be used as a material does not require a lot of energy. However, the use of wood must also be balanced with good forest management. The use of wood will also make the dwelling feel cooler and natural.

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Ashcrete is a material innovation made from flying ash to replace traditional cement with strong adding power compared to others. Fly ash itself is a byproduct of the burning of coal. Ashcrete is an environmentally friendly cement substitute.

Until now, the use of ashcrete as a building adhesive is still being developed.


Structural isolated panel (SIP) consists of two oriented strand board sheets or splinter boards with a layer of foam in between. SIP is generally available in larger sizes and is used as a wall structure. Due to its large size, it requires heavy equipment to install it, but this SIP also provides good insulation.

Insulated Concrete (AAC Light Concrete)

The insulated concrete form contains two layers of insulation with several spaces in between. This space contains several arrangements to hold the reinforcement, after placing the reinforcement, concrete is poured into this space. The concrete is lightweight, fire resistant, low density and has good thermal and sound insulation properties.

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