Do not do this in the bathroom

Do Not Do This in The Bathroom

Do Not Do This in the bathroom – The bathroom was supposed to be one of the convenient place in a dwelling. Because, in addition to the place cleaned up, the bathroom can also be an alternative place to relax tired. Therefore, all residents of mandatory keeping comfort and clean. But often we unwittingly do the habits that turned out to be even potentially ruining the convenience, beauty, and even make a bathroom so unhealthy.

To prevent that from happening, so here are six things You should not do in the bathroom.

Do not Do This in the bathroom

Installing Wallpaper.

Decorate the walls with wallpaper will enhance the look of space. But not if you put it in the bathroom. You need to know, the installation of the wallpaper in the bathroom is not recommended because it can increase the risk of the growth of mildew on the bathroom walls. Moreover, the temperature of the air inside the bathroom tends to be humid. Moss growth can make wallpaper chipped from the walls. Instead of making it look so beautiful, in fact make things worse.


From now on, reduce the habit of smo**king in the bathroom. Especially if your bathroom has no ventilation or an air suction fan. Smoke caught in bathroom musty smell will cause unpleasant. This will disrupt the sense of smell, interfere with the respiratory system, and of course detrimental to the person who will be using the bathroom after you. For those unfamiliar, the rest of the smell of smoke and smo**king can cause tightness in the chest.

Leaving the doormat wet.

For those of you who have the dry type of bathroom in the House, would often put a doormat inside the bathroom. We recommend that you always diligent in replacing the doormat every two days. A doormat that is left too long will become wet and damp, so it creates a musty smell as well as make the atmosphere became uncomfortable. In addition, wet a doormat wets also potentially become a place of growth of fungi and bacteria.

Drying towels.

Drying towels in bathroom
drying towels in bathroom

We often to drying towels in place. As a result, only towels draped on a hanger in the bathroom. Unwittingly, this potentially bad. In addition to making room damp and musty smell, potentially also cause fungus and bacteria. This can be hazardous to your health. Fungi that attach to the body can cause a skin infection, such as itching and yeast infection.

Piling up dirty clothes.

Where to keep laundry basket - do not do this in the bathroom
where to keep laundry basket

Many people put the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. Whereas such habits is strongly not recommended. A pile of dirty clothes in a space that tend to damp can trigger the growth of bacteria and mosquitoes. We recommend that you always place the basket on the outer area of the bathroom.

Urinate on the bathroom floor.

For those of you who have the type of wet bathroom, start at this time make it a habit to always urinate in the toilet. Urinating on the floor of the bathroom, though under the shower can stick of odor on the bathroom floor. When the floor dry, the smell will evaporate to fill the bathroom space. Nobody wants to the atmosphere of the bathroom to be uncomfortable.

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Thank you very much for reading Do not Do This in the bathroom, hopefully useful.

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