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Condo Interior Designs

4 Easy Condo Interior Designs to Apply for Improving Your Living Place Appearance

Condo interior designs are important elements that make a condo worth living in. A good choice of design can improve the atmosphere inside. You can even feel a big difference and more comfortable with just changing its interior design. And, there are so many design ideas you can apply for your condo interior. Here are some of them.

4 Easy Condo Interior Designs to Apply for Improving Your Living Place Appearance

Fireplace as the Focal Points

Creating a focal point for your condo interior is the key to create a good interior design. The focal point will attract more attention. It is also a way to show the beauty of the room and even the personality of the condo owner. 

Luxury condo mostly has a fireplace. You can use it to create the focal point. It is a simple luxury condo interior design idea. You just need to use a different material, such as natural stones and even wood material for its surface and wall behind it. You can even make it special by using this different material from the floor level of your fireplace to the ceiling. It creates a hall-of-fame-liked wall decoration utilizing the fireplace.

Expand the Room with the Design

Living in a small condo doesn’t mean you can’t apply different types of interior design ideas. One of them is the design idea that can make your small condo feels bigger. And, among many interior designs, this one can be considered the easiest small condo interior design to apply. 

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There are several methods to add more space to your small condo. Below, we have listed the methods you can use to do that.

Change the wall and ceiling color 

For this method, you need to apply a brighter color for the wall. Then, use the darker color for the ceiling. It gives you wide effects faster than renovate and add a new room or space.

Change the furniture

This one is adding the space in your condo interior. If you use big furniture, change it with a smaller one with functionalities. The modern furniture that has many compartments where you can keep a lot of things gives you more space to move around. Thus, you can feel that your room has been expanded.

Using mirror

A mirror is another important key in condo interior designs. The reflection on it will give the expanding effect that your small condo needs. For the most optimal effect, place the mirror, the big one if you can, on the wall across the window. The light from the window will be reflected and make your condo brighter. It doesn’t only make it feel wider. But, you also can save more money for lighting and electrical bills.

Curves decoration

Decoration with a sharp corner or square shape will only give the room a stiff nuance. Try to change it with decoration that has a round or curved edge or corner. It doesn’t make any sense. But, if you try to apply this decoration on the condo interior designs, you can get a wide space atmosphere.

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Change the Door Appearance

If your condominium uses standard doors, you can change its appearance to improve your interior design. The easiest method is changing its color. You can make it have a contrast color to the wall color. It also makes your door become a good focal point for that room. The other method is using a similar color to the wall color. It makes it looks merged into the wall, which is another beautiful work you can find on modern condo interior design.

If you have enough time or more budgets to spend, you also can change your door appearance using an image. Draw something on the door. You can even draw art painting on it and make your condo door become the room decoration. As for the drawing method, there are two methods you can use, which is:

  • Hand drawing – you can draw it yourself or pay for the professional artist to draw it for you.
  • Printed image – you also can order the door-size wallpaper with an image printed on it. This method is a good choice because you can add a high-detailed image to your door. Plus, you can add any kinds of images, including your photo.

As you can see, this condominium interior design needs a lot of money. So, plan it carefully to avoid any unnecessary expenses for your interior design need. Choose the best professional or printing service, so even though you have to pay more, you will get the best result.

Play with the Colors

The other condo interior designs you can use are changing the color. Use the simple color formula to create nice interior scenery. Your condominium will look great after you apply it. Speaking about the simple design color formula, you can only apply at most three colors in your room. Too many color tones will only make your room feel crowded. It is difficult to match it with furniture or other decorations.

Apply the simple color that you like. Or, if you want the easiest way to create a beautiful interior design with colors, use the monochrome color. It works well with all kinds of styles you use. You can apply classic or modern condo interior designs, and the monochrome color tone will blend perfectly with that.

Things to Remember

Before you apply one of those four condo interior designs, make sure you plan it carefully in the beginning. Measure the room and the design items or change you want to apply in it. Ensure that it fits with the room and available space in your condominium. The planning can be done without any help from other people. But, it is also a good idea to involve professionals. Their advice and recommendation will help you to create a good plan. 

Now, you just need to choose the design ideas you want to use. Prepare your budget and match it with the design you choose. Once you are finished, you will get the best room with the best condo interior designs.

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