Color trend predictions 2019
Color trend predictions 2019

Color trend predictions 2019

Color trend predictions 2019

Misty Blue.

In the year 2019, the misty blue color predicted will become the trend and give a new nuance on the interior of your home. Misty blue is a shade of blue with the fog that has a mix of shades of gray. You can make this misty blue color as one of the inspirations for home interior colors in the year 2019. For example, by applying the color of calm at the interior of your bedroom. Of course is perfect for those of you who want a quiet atmosphere while resting.

Almost White.

The next colors predicted ‘ rises ‘ in the year 2019 is all white palette. Because, there is nothing more classic than a palette of white, isn’t it? You can implement the mix of white color with the color of misty blue on the interior of your home. The combination of this color will give you a subtle, soothing feel, and surely will make your home look more refreshing.

Aqua Color.

Next, the colors that you can choose to refresh the display of the residence in the year 2019 is the color of aqua. This color can be applied to the wall, the front door, or Bookshelf. Aqua colors that have the feel of life and this can be combined with soothing pastel colors, such as the color of soft pink.

Bold Red.

The color of the bold red also predicted would be one of the color trends in the year 2019. You can apply this brave color to the interior to give a ‘strong’ impression and as the focal point of your home. Not only that, it also gives an impression of elegance, luxury, and charming, isn’t it?

Dusty Blushes.

Pink pastel color being one color that predicted will become a trend in the year 2019. This dusty blush color reflects softness and feminine, very suitable for you who want a sweet look at the interior of the House. Soft pink also fit to be applied to the cabinet in your kitchen. This color matching combined with gray and white on the kitchen walls. That way, the look of your kitchen look more adorable and fun.

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Hazelnuts will demonstrate its enliven the color trends in the year 2019. This cream color can give the impression of a warm House and surely this is not dark colors of the times. You can apply hazelnut color on the exterior or interior of the House.


Color trend predictions 2019 -  purple
Purple Is One Of Color Trend Predictions 2019

If the ultraviolet puprle color trend in 2018, it will be apply to purple in 2019. You can apply this color on your bedroom to create a feel optimistic and confident. Mix and match the color of wall paint with the color of furniture to appear out of step with a charming look.

Bold and monochrome color.

In the year 2019, predicted will be popping colors containing terms of optimism, such as the bold yellow and orange. This color matches paired with beige, blue, and pink. You apply it to the bias of the interior of the living room or family room.

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Pastel Colors.

Pastel is still one of the colors that will be trending in 2019. Pastel colors will give the feel of a soothing and gentle on the interior of the room, especially pastel derivatives with chalky and red tones. Want to try applying them in your home?

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