Caring for ornamental plants
Caring for ornamental plants

Practical tips on caring for ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are not only nice to look at, but also be able to naturally purify the air. Even some of the research reveals, ornamental plants in the home can reduce a person’s stress level.

There are many ways to keep plants alive. But for those of you who are super busy and not many have the time to care for these plants, here are the practical ways of caring for ornamental plants stay fresh.

Practical tips on caring for ornamental plants.

Ice cubes.

Do you often pour too much water while watering the plants in the House? If this occurs frequently, you can use ice cubes instead of water.

Too much moisture content in plants can make root rot. Ice cubes provide a steady trickle of water, especially when melted. This will prevent the soil in the pots become soaked.

Place a container of water.

Caring for ornamental plants - place a container of water

One way to increase humidity is to place a container like a pot or dish of water in the bottom of the plant pot. When water evaporates, it will increase the humidity around the plant.

But remember, when placing the pot on top of a container of water, don’t forget to add some gravel at the bottom of the pot. This is so that the drain line is not closed and the roots in the pot do not rot.

Put the plant in a group

Ornamental plant, especially tropical plants need humid air. In addition to putting the container in the bottom of the pot, other ways that you can use is to put houseplants in a single group.

When those plants are gathered, they will release water vapor through their leaves during the process of transpiration. That way, when water vapor is released, can increase humidity in a dry room that is good for ornamental plants.

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