Astrology interior decorating

Astrology interior decorating

What are your favorite tastes and interior styles for where you live? Do you like the eclectic mix style or rustic style? Or romantic style and bold, or even a minimalist style? Your taste in interior design turns out to be also associated with your Zodiac. What is the role of astrology and the tastes of your interior? Astrology interior decorating.

Astrology interior decorating

  • Aries

Aries with full determination and character driven by purpose and confidence and discipline made their taste in interior far from the word chaos. This no-nonsense attitude reflected in their furniture décor style.

  • Taurus

The owner of the Zodiac symbol of the Bull is very close to nature and the simple, yet can also loves things that are fancy. Taurus love to surround themselves with things that are sustainable and have meaning, and wander in a touch of glamour. The design style of the favorite Taurus is made with colorful natural earth balanced with elegant rustic style.

  • Gemini

Gemini Zodiac is depicted as the twins often hesitate to commit and are enjoying a lifestyle that is independent, free, and eccentric. An Interior decorating style they usually do not have specific rules and an eclectic mix tends to be from all directions and different designs that are full of energy and creative.

  • Cancer

For cancer that is emotional, full of empathy and rely on intuition, this Zodiac owner liked socializing, comfort and harmony, neutral-colored and natural material. Modern country style interior style is suitable for Cancer.

  • Leo

Full of confidence and belief, full of life and vibrant character that stands out is for owners of this Lion of the zodiac. It also reflects on the Setup in their home, which is always full of luxury and adventure.

  • Virgo.

Virgo is often considered a reliable figure, neat, honest and detailed, so any interior style is equally stylish and orderly. The impression of the classic with a clear structure, striped straight and bright, neutral-colored, help determine the style of the place of residence of the owner of the zodiac.

  • Libra

Libra Zodiac owners often considered that figure requires harmony, socialization, diversity, cooperation and diplomacy. The home of a Libra is also stylish and are tastefully decorated and harmoniously, inviting anyone to linger at home and feel comfortable.

  • Scorpio

The owners of the Scorpio Zodiac is often regarded as a mysterious figure. This Scorpio Zodiac owners don’t like being boxed up and is often impressed silent, loyal and deeply depressed. The rapidly changing trends do not match for Scorpio who loves to give a personal touch on the interior of the House so the House feels like an oasis and a place of relaxation.

  • Sagitarius

Sagittarius is a free-spirited figure and is always trying to achieve things that are higher and happy traveling. Decorating their homes tend to be chic, Bohemian, eclectic with a mix of techno that shows their passion for traveling and their own interest in something.

  • Capricorn

The soul of a Capricorn is dependable, a characteristic that has ambition and loyalty. Capricorn likes something that simple and relax, as well as practical and comfortable with a touch of colors and designs.

  • Aquarius.

Aquarius is very interested in all things that go beyond the classical norms and rigid rules. An Aquarius loves the freedom, tolerance, creativity and originality, and happy to be an exceptional individual with the mixture of imaginative style.

  • Pisces

PISCES are symbolized with mystical fish and full of emotion like the House that became the site of a secure hiding and comfortable for guests, as well as imaginative. Practical things combined with beauty become the overall picture of the inviting interior.

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