2018 kitchen colors

2018 Kitchen colors Trends

A new year, it’s time to do a new décor in your home. As the owner of the House, no doubt we would also like to give a different impression in our houses. Whether it’s from the interior or exterior of the home, there are too many things that should we look to decorate. The arrangement of furniture, accessories and application of color is some important point we have to consider, and each passing year the application of the colors will adjust. In addition to the living and the family room, another place that is not less important to be redecorated is the kitchen. The following five kitchen trends will boom in this year, 2018 Kitchen colors Trends.

2018 Kitchen colors Trends

  • Blue and green.

If you add the impression of the Ocean on kitchen decor, mix and match green and blue can be a choice. The color selection has emerged since last year. They (can) mixed with other colors, complete wood stain or simply used as a dominant color.

  • Purple.

Ultra violet color is a dramatic color and exude a feeling of luxury and elegance. One of the popular kitchen trends for 2018 is the use of bold and unexpected colors.

  • Dark on certain parts.

Give the dark color on one part of the kitchen will become a trend this year. Homeowners interested in the tile are black, dark green or multi-colored nuanced.

  • Mix and match.

Use monochromatic colors for the kitchen, it is no longer a trend. Combines matching colors will become a trend. Use multiple colors for the kitchen of the year, will become a popular trend. For example, painting a base wall or cabinet with dark charcoal and top cabinets or walls with soft white color.

  • Marble.

Not only for this year, the use of marble with a high contrast votes would be a pretty strong trend for the years to come. Marble countertops with thick high contrast will show a perfect statement. Suited to create intense drama.

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