Signs of ghosts in the house
Signs of ghosts in the house

10 Signs of ghosts in the house

A home that can give you a sense of comfort, and quiet, is the dream of everyone in the world. But, there are some things that can make a home uncomfortable to serve as a place to live. One of them, namely the house inhabited by ghosts or similar creatures. Because of some cases, haunted house, most of the ghost will disturb the tranquility and comfort of the residents of the House.

Typically, the ghost will give you a sign to scare or simply notify their presence. Thus, what are the signs of the haunted house? Here is review.

The Mysterious Voice.
The first sign of the Haunted House that is the existence of a mysterious voice in the House. Because many people believe, one of the signs of the existence of ghosts and other invisible creature that is often heard the mysterious voice. Called the mysterious sounds, because after the voice’s origin is sought is not found the source. The mysterious voice can be a whisper voice, a knock on the door and the like, but not found the source of the coming sound.

Well, from the mysterious sound of unknown source, it could be the house inhabited by ghosts or similar creatures who wants to scare or just want to tell their lives.

It Feels Humid.
The next haunted house sign is the condition of a House that feels more moist, because many people believe that ghosts and other invisible beings really like living in a very humid place.

Usually, everyone could feel any difference in moisture or Eve senseless somewhere, for example, suddenly feeling uncomfortable or shudder without cause. This depends on the sensitivity of each person.

So, if in the House there are certain places that always feels more moist than other places or the temperature in your room suddenly feels more humid.. Be careful, it could be a sign you’re coming guests are not invited.

Disturbed Electronic Equipment.
Have you watched the horror show on television? If ever, you certainly know, one sign of the coming of the invisible creatures is electronic tools will not function properly. This happens because the existence of invisible beings is issued a mysterious energy, this mysterious energy where it said could damage the frequency of electronic tools.

Now, if upon, there is often a radio or other music player that suddenly sounds by itself or the television that often on-off by itself, it could be your house inhabited by an invisible creature.

Moving Objects.
Objects moving by themselves may also be indicated if such place is inhabited by ghosts or other invisible creatures. It is also explained by science which is called “Psychokinesis“.

Psychokinesis is an energy that can move the objects. Well, the people who believe in the existence of ghosts and other invisible being energy believes that Psychokinesis is sourced from the ghost in the venue.

For example, the door moves without wind, the books and other things fall apart without an earthquake, or plates, glasses, or other things that suddenly move. Many believe if this is a sign of the existence of ghosts in the venue.

Objects Disappear.
Have you ever heard the term “Dissapearing Object Phenomenon (DOP)”, namely the phenomenon of objects disappear mysteriously. This term is given to objects that suddenly disappear.

Well, if in your House, you often experience like the ones mentioned above. Careful, there could be a ghost or invisible creatures who deliberately tease you.

Pets Are So Weird.
The next sign of the haunted house is pet behavior so weird. There are some pets that have the sensibility and sharper instinct than humans, so the pet can feel the presence of ghosts or other invisible creatures. For example, your dog continuously barking at night for no reason or cats in your home walk around as if it was following an invisible person, and so on.

If the pet often seen shows strange behavior around your House as mentioned above, it could be around your home there is a ghost.

The Unusual Smell.
The unusual aroma or smell suddenly appeared in your House, such as the smell of jasmine flowers, but no jasmine tree around your House. It can also be indicated if your House is being visited by the ghost.

Often Feel Watched.
It is very difficult to be proven, but if the feeling of being watched often happens in the same place over and over again. Maybe this is a sign that there are other beings who are often watching you.

Often A Strange Dream.
Often strange dream it could also indicate that the House was being occupied is also inhabited by ghosts or other invisible creatures. Especially if the dreams are often the same dream.

In addition to the often dreamed strange, there is another one that is associated with the presence of ghost around you, when you experience “sleep paralysis”.

Shadow Figure appears.
Final sign the haunted house appears a figure of shadows or commonly called “Shadow people”.  The shadow figure form can resemble living creatures such as humans or animals, while its size could be big, small or could be normal-sized. But obviously, we only see it at a glance away.

Well, that is some sign of the haunted house. Keep in mind, the signs referred to above, could not happen because there is a ghost or other invisible creature at the venue, it could also be caused your friend is tricking you in order that you fear.

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